By thanksdad - United States - Beaverton
Today, my dad was helping my fiancé and me move. On the way, someone sideswiped the trailer. When the police came, we found my dad had a suspended license, no insurance, and a broken tail light. No one else could drive a manual, so we were stuck in a parking lot for 3 hours. Thanks, dad. FML
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  solosohigh  |  15

how shallow of you. I think they were using a moving trailer (such as uhaul) to move their stuff, not actually living in a trailer. but who cares if they were?

  onlychildFTW  |  33

24 - you're and idiot. They don't/didn't live in a trailer. They were using a moving trailer attached to their car to move their stuff. FYL OP, but 3 hours isn't much so that's not horrible. But it still sucks.

  AgentSmith79  |  9

Dumbasses, learn to read. Both of you. He wasn't pulled over, someone hit them and the cops responded to the accident. And they don't LIVE in a trailer, they were HAULING a trailer with all their stuff in it.

  Soloman212  |  28

55: But first you'd have to learn when to shift with your car. The reason there's better mileage is because a practiced human can make better calls than a computer on changing gears. But having an amateur drive manual is probably worse than driving automatic. (But of course practice makes perfect.)

  divadro102  |  16

Manual isn't hard at all. It has got to be the easiest thing ever. Automatics take the fun out of driving. The first few times of being at a red light or stop sign can be nerve wracking with cars behind you, so people tend to stall more.

By  ablueshka  |  0

Ok manual is not fucking rocket science there is a clutch petal next to the brake that u push in and move the shifter to shift gears... Kinda like a bike but when u shift u push the clutch that's the only difference. God people are dumb

  Senseless_487  |  29

Thank you for that. I'm sure all the people reading this comment can take their newfound knowledge and just go drive a clutch right now!

Seriously, learning to drive a clutch at all, let alone driving one well, takes training and practice. It is NOT common knowledge, especially with so many cars with an automatic transmission. It may not be hard for those of us that know how, but to someone who has never driven one, it very well may be like rocket science.

  Mauskau  |  35

If you learn to use your brain and drive a manual you will be licensed to drive both an automatic and a manual. But if you think using your hand, foot and brain is too hard then learning in an automatic means you're limited to automatic and things like this happen. I suppose there were only automatics around when OP started to drive but they could have looked. Many still drive manual. In the uk most instructors have a manual car because they want as many customers as possible, plus they will be happier knowing they can drive both.


Tell me ONE way riding a bike is the same as driving a clutch, then I'll accept being called ignorant. Til then, I will still stick with what I said. Either way, driving a clutch is way different than a bike OR motorcycle.

  cass85  |  8

In the UK ALL instructors have a manual car. The drivers license you get is for a manual car. Getting an automatic only license is unheard of. I'm not even sure if it's offered.

  slybugsy  |  5

It really just depends were you live Manual autos are nearly non-existent in PA. We are not required to learn manual, I took my test on an automatic, and have never had a reason to drive manual.

  flyfgw  |  3

Driving a motorcycle and manual car are exactly the same, the both have clutches gas and brakes... You couldn't even drive a beginner motorcycle say a Kawasaki ninja 250.