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Today, my dad took a call while driving. He always yells and curses at people who talk on their cell while driving. I asked him to get off the phone because it's dangerous, and told him he's being a hypocrite. He shook his head at me and continued talking. Seconds later, we got into an accident. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

Are you kidding me? that would be a win in my book (provided I was ok). Oh he would hate me so much since I'd never let him live it down.

Dad: *complains about car repairs*
Me: *reminds him of why said repairs need to happen*

By  railfan_fml  |  0

his fml. today I was driving and someone called me. my kid reminded me that i shouldnt use a cell phone in the car, but I was busy and ignored him. minutes later, i got in a crash. fml

By  fakepolice  |  0

well maybe you should have shut your trap instead of creating even more distractions... perhaps bringing it to his attention initially and confronting him after... but I gues and arguement works well while he's driving too... NOT!!!

  Firetroop  |  0

So if YOUR dad is talking on the phone while driving, you're just going to sit there and let him chat? Is that what you expect OP to do, just sit there? Because that's worse, in my opinion. Waay more dangerous.


Of course. It's been an online handle of mine for a while, but it is inspired by the character Eric Idle played so beautifully in that movie.

(boss comes around the corner) @#%$! RUN AWAY!!