By j1hill33 - 14/07/2011 05:09 - United States

Today, my dad told my little brother that Tokyo is in China. This is the same guy that yells at me every time I get a "B" on a report card. FML
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ryanst 7

Just like how the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Roman Empire took place in Sydney, Australia.

takeapieandrun 9

Welcome to the life of a son/daughter.


now i watch my comment sink into the hell....

I bet u will:p

denbeste 3

redneck dad is redneck!

The only real estate where the beach comes to you.:)

just get Daddy a globe for Christmas.

mlebethbear 0

your really smart! B's are good to me:))

lcecreamNSadness 2

Supposedly, this earthquake, Tokyo DID Drift!

garrettsgirl 0

maybe op should get their dad a map of the world or send him back to school

did my comment get thumbed down cause I'm black?

tokyo's not in china!?!?! pshhh. next ur gonna tell me Miami isn't the capital of Florida

Denikk 0

Lol my dad does that too... even though my grades are 16 times better than his were he's always like "you're gonna be a grave digger because you got a B on maths" after I have great results in school...

Teach the dad a lesson. He should know that Tokyo is Korea.

What the hell are you talking about? TOKYO'S IN CANADA, BITCHES!!

ImFrackinBored 13

....Sounds like my parents... xD

He probably thinks Sweden and Switzerland are the same country.

most of the americans do, and some mistake austria for australia. im used to it by now.

jerilyn333a 0


takeapieandrun 9

Welcome to the life of a son/daughter.

Isn't it supposed to be the kids who are the ignorant ones? And people say that the new generation fails when really, it's most of humanity that is failing.

lcecreamNSadness 2

So, can we assume that the apple fell close to the tree?

Why are we judging this man on one error? What if he was a scientist or engineer and he doesn't give a damn about geography?

What if this is basic geography you SHOULD'VE learned in elementary school. Sometimes people don't pay attention or forget, but forgetting the CAPITAL CITY of a country?! I could spare that if it's Sierra Leonne, Togo, Angola, New Zealand, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia or Belize. Obscure countries that get rarely talked about. BUT JAPAN?!

why do the other countries not matter? And come on he probably was given wrong information and he stuck with it.

katiekatie412 4

Oh, Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these ---> ( . )( . )

idontcare8l 3

now a days we are smarter than are parents or atleast getting close to it

179 - Obviously you aren't..

dam a B that sucks

surferchick96 0

oops. mah bad then O.o

1215116a 14

5 you get a D for: No capitalization. Spelling 'Damn' as 'Dam'. Incorrect using of the word 'Dam'. No punctuation.

35- use of the word, not using.

35 you just got owned by 38 ha so funny

1215116a 14

38, Clever my man, clever. I admit to defeat in being owned while owning someone, so I give you credit for turning this posted comment into a posted comment full of win.

and you would get an A+ for being annoying.

Get C's more often, keep his expectations low. That way when you get a B he'll shit himself.

49- how smart, you legend

1215116a 14

47, an A+ is an A+.

1215116a 14

47, an A+ is an A+.

35- ahh too-shay

soulfulemo 0

54- what the hell is "too-Shay" ? I believe you mean touché.

no I mean too Shay, I rule my own world bitches

WallyTheWombat 0

49, I actually did that during middle school, then in high school I started taking AP classes and getting As. My parents were all :O

TiaPDX 3

Actually, you're both wrong. Try "usage". Heheh :P

soulfulemo 0

66- the way I rule my world is better, atleast people understand what I say. ;) thought I don't get it, I'm called crazy, for having my own rules... and they say it likes it's a bad thing

to all grammar Nazis who have no life but to correct people who make spelling mistakes on the Internet, fuck you... that is all

......I'm talking to you @julielee509

1215116a 14

To all the trolls with no life other than to go trashing on people (yeah you @waswashere) shut up. I was just being ironic, that's the first time I've corrected someone before. Try saying something we care about. :)

99- yeah but I didn't ask people to understand me, so meh

hypocritical dad is hypocritical

i thought jokes were supposed to be funny

soulfulemo 0 no..

this joke is such garbage that it releases C.F.Cs into the atmosphere.

omgcookeys 15

they must be Asian. :) no racism people, I'm Asian too and my dad expects all a's.

you know you just missed a great opportunity to shut the hell up

Hey look ! there's a bee on it ! ahaha

Go kill yourself douche. No one cares.

nunsrtight69 0

they all have squinty eyes. same thing

nunsrtight69 0

they all have squinty eyes. same thing

lcecreamNSadness 2

We all have eyes.Same thing? Though I would prefer NOT having any sort of similarity with you.

ha..haha...hahaha... *HUGE LOAD OF SARCASM*

more like F his life cuz he is outa hi skool and dosent know much

by the looks of your spelling I don't think you ever went to school.

i thought tokoyo was in china till i read this....

I think he plays favorites time u get a 'b' remind him this episode

But the dad being bad at geography does not mean he doesn't want his daughter to do well in school

Oh dear! :L Maybe you should teach him a few things.

Hve him take one of your tests, then yell at him when he scores lower.

Pfttt thumbs up for 'Oh Dear!' Lmfao!