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Today, my dad told me that my mom wanted to name me something "unusual." He eventually got her to compromise. I go by Violet. I now know that my legal name is Purple. FML
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Are your parents' names Red and Blue?

Is your last name PeopleEater?


SoapTurtle 7

Hey purple is a nice color :p

I actually have to honestly say that's it's a really nice name as well!

Violet is a very beautiful name. My mom's friend named their child Peanut, because the mother really wanted a good name and she really like peanuts...

Purple is a very nice color! A name?....not so much.

I named my daughter Violet because of my love for purple!

It's okay. We don't judge people by the color of their skin or the color of their names here at fml

Is your last name PeopleEater?

first name bigoneyed

Maybe her last name is "shirted eye-stabber"

T_Young96 13

Or her last name is " mushroom topped yogurt-slinger"

Or Shirtedeye-Stabber?

Hahaha I actually laughed out loud at this

Parvati48 15

Omg lol. I loved that song as a child! XD

Oml this is too funny ?

I actually like 42's comment because of the Cyanide and Happiness reference. It's just a joke, people!

edit: somebody commented it already

Are your parents' names Red and Blue?

Scarlet* and Blue :D

at least she knew what she wanted. you're name could have ended up rainbow

I know red and blue make purple, but as soon as I read this, I thought of the original Pokemon games.

tony1891 22

reminds me of that game clue.

"Roses are red, that much is true. Violets are purple, not ******* blue"

jerryj's comment was a joke about gender specific naming, in case you people saw the asterix and immediately presumed he was correcting #3. I think.

Actually, when the flower was named, the color we modernly call "blue" was called "violet" For more information, watch the video "This is Not a Rainbow" by MinutePhysics.

* Magenta & Cyan

I KNEW someone would know colour theory :D

It would be cool if you became a queen. (Purple reign)

Parvati48 15

I see what you did there. ;)

wouldn't happen to be power rangers by any chance?

But there is no purple ranger :(

well, there is now!

badmandilon 19

Well, uncommon does not necessarily mean ugly. And, Violet is a flower and it's a color, beautiful in any case.

#6 Her name isn't Violet, it's Purple

I think the problem OP is having isn't with the name Violet, but like what #16 said, that her actual name is Purple

badmandilon 19

#16 same thing, different word

No it's not the same's a completely different name.

orbit 22

Idk about you guys but that's a pretty awesome name. It's very unique, and it's a good conversation starter. Much better than..blanket...

juststephhere 23

At least it's unique, you never know it could become a really popular name!

I sure hope not.

How could you not know your legal name? Haven't you ever seen your ID, or something?

Some people don't know their real name until years they are born.. It happens mostly when they have a name which is an abbreviation of their real name (eg. Alex instead of Alexander or Alexandra)

I always thought my name was just Shannon and my middle name was Louise, but I found out (oddly enough, from a teacher calling out the roll in school a few years ago) that my full first name is Shannon-Louise and, according to my birth cert., I don't have a middle name

Marcella1016 31

Was thinking the same thing...teachers do roll call the first day of school and in my experience the roll always had the students' legal first names. If students have nicknames or whatever, they usually have to let the teacher know. I find it odd that OP never heard their real name at all in this context.

My son goes by a different name than his legal one. When I fill out the papers, I put his legal name, but his preferred name. Teachers always call out the preferred name and that is all the school knows him as. So, it is possible for the teacher not to call out the legal name.

Unless the parents stated on the enrollment paperwork that the child goes by a different name. my sons name is Alexis but because most people here in the united states associates Alexis with girls he goes by Alex. so on the first day of school they called out Alex instead of Alexis.

My friends and I spent a good 20 minutes playing a colour association game. 'Green' was Jade 'Blue' was skye or Cyan 'Yellow' was daisy 'Orange' was autumn, etc. Lots of fun, thanks!! :)

I wanna a name one of kids Skye now, thanks

I guess this kind of fits...I mean, my name is Autumn and my favorite color is orange (:

Glad she wasn't a fan of puce.