By Anonymous - 12/06/2011 19:21 - United States

Today, my dad told me he has money set aside for when he has to bail me out of jail because "it's bound to happen sooner or later." FML
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melissamoshh 0

How thoughtful

Now there's something you can't call a... *puts on sunglasses* fund. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH


melissamoshh 0

How thoughtful

jellitonoctopus 19

it's good to plan ahead

MissBunnyWillEat 11

That is so sweet :')

Now there's something you can't call a... *puts on sunglasses* fund. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH

Not really an FML here; it would be an FML for when you do get arrested and he couldn't bail you out. Your old man cares enough to do that, count your blessings twice cry baby.

bravesfan112233 0

atleast he will bail you out of jail

Well maybe he can see the future and is preparing now

Personally, if I were you OP, I would be grateful that he's being thoughtful, like the people above said, but he could have worded it more nicely, and no, this doesn't mean I think I'm going to jail.

Big deal. Prostitution bail is probably only $100.

flockz 19

OPs dad probably knows from experience.

uh....I don't see the FML, like ^^^ said, I'd be grateful your dad cares he wasn't insinuating that you would end up there I'm pretty ure he meant just in case of course you'd have to be there to be sure

MizzErikaHart 8

72, prostitution bail is usually $2000

91- do I even wanna know how you know that? ??

BlastedAF 0

Who started that? I see it everywhere now :3

cnastydawg 0

what about an abortion?

91, bail is more times than not set at 10%, making it around 100 or $200

how do you know that

so many people know so much about bail money... interesting...

at least he saved up money for you.

Veraymix 6

Just in case, huh? At least you're prepared.

he's just preparing for the future don't hate him, and he must have reason to.

14 what does it take to make the list?

starquality 7

way to look ahead dad!!

Huge_p3n0r 0

I have an erect penis

MizzErikaHart 8

I know because I live in las Vegas

hello can i make friend with you.

hello can i make friend with you.

Prove him wrong!!

MizzErikaHart 8

or if not, op's on ez street.

Good to know he prides himself in having such an amazing daughter.

maybe OP found out 'cause he broke the law.

buiscit 0

how do you get your comment moderated?  

hopefully sooner so it's over with!

sweetdreams999 0

lmao. he's being prepared OP. no harm, no foul.

sounds like my dad lol.

Because it is your dad.

I'd be grateful if my dad did that. It shows he cares for me even if i screw up majorly despite the cost. Thats true family love right there OP.

he just said it sounds like his dad so why does he had thumbs down?

135 she lied. It is her dad. No one likes liars. I'm joking. People get thumbs down for stupid reasons. I probably could say: "OP hope you get better" And bitches are going to thumbs me down and say positive comments aren't allowed or shit like that.

MizzErikaHart 8

i believe there's a lot of followers on here. if someone sees a comment has a few they'll go ahead n thumb it up cuz a lil mini trend started with thumbing that comment up..or down. I do anyways (rarely but I do) and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

katieklein 0

thats rude

sound like my family :( but at least they care .... I think ?!

this sounds just like my dad and sister !! well at least they love me I hope !!!

futtbuck101 1

Thoughtful dad

love the picture

ifailplzinsultme 0

love the name

Jbfu 0

love the comment

futtbuck101 1

I love the love

futtbuck101 1

I love the love

Seems like a C-c-combo breaker moment. Also you picture reminded me of the Antoine Dodson (Don't know how to spell his last name correctly).

I want to love something :(

156 you can love your abs

btnhdude 0

love the moment.

hehehahAho 0

said the black guy

114. hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husbands cause they raping everybody out there

1215116a 14

love the chain

awww I'm glad he has hopes and expectations for you :)

Yinky_Unbanned 0

Tell him your saving some money for his funeral since it's bound to happen :p lol

camo97 0

smart man

I like turtles.

Would you rather him NOT have the bail money when you need it?

My thoughts exactly

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she speaks the truth

it's better that he has money to bail you out instead of making you sit in jail

yeah, its like a get outta jail free card! take it!

sxe_beast 11

See... no... this is... just wrong. Bad. My parents have a funds set up for me for college and other things. Way to be fail parents. Parents should have faith in their kids =s

Steal it and prove him right

well he is being nice

live up to his expectations! rob a bank