By still poor - 05/12/2014 06:17 - United States - Carlisle

Today, my dad texted me saying he had "big news." I immediately called, thrilled, because I assumed he meant that he finally found a job and that our money troubles were over. The "big news" was him being excited at seeing an actor from one TV show he likes in another TV show. FML
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I'll probably get thumbed down to hell, but maybe he should spend a little less time with the tv and little more time with his resume. Being unemployed sucks, but sometimes it's our own fault. We tend to refuse jobs until we find the "perfect" one. Sometimes, we need to do what we can, until we can do what we want.


if I could meet Kurt Cobain but had to be jobless for a long time, then hell yeah I'll be ******* rude!!!

hippodankamus 22

He said he saw him on a TV show, he never met him

#2 I'm glad he's happy but the money trouble sounds serieous!

That's true too, but atleast the TV gets his mind off of it!

Aww best of luck to him I hope he finds something soon

it's big news for him. you should be happy for him, OP. it may not be what you expected, but no need to rain on his parade :)

HeadlessSparrow 20

Sounds like me. Whenever I recognize a face from some other show or movie, it's straight to IMDB I go on my smartphone with fire in my eyes and mania in my thumbs. I then proceed to gloat about what a genius I am if I successfully guessed which actor it was.

It's even more fun with animated movies and guessing the voices

qdawg06 23

That is pretty exciting whenever it happens though OP! Hope your dad finds a job soon!

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That's some really strange big news.