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I'd suggest putting the phone on silent next time you go for a job interview!

Haha, that's fucking hilarious


Haha, that's fucking hilarious

Not when you're trying to get a job

What a rude motherfucker.

Soooo... Don't answer?

Or turn your phone off YDI for leaving it on during the interview.

Is it problematic that I'll do this to my kids?

#101 hells to the yeah

He may have made a mistake, #44, but that doesn't mean he deserves what he got.

Well, at least he's got enthusiasm.

I'd suggest putting the phone on silent next time you go for a job interview!

Why would he/she answer anyways?

Probably because if a parent calls it's probably important, if it had bee on silent they wouldn't have even looked at it. Either way I feel like YDI a bit

I dont even know how to comment to this...

then don't comment.

#9 you must be a genius to use that kind of logic....a genius

obviously #6 wasnt

Because 6 thought he had a chance at being #1, so he put the first stupid thing that came to mind.

Why wasn't your phone on silent or even in the car? And why did you answer it?!

Maybe he thought it was for another job interview!

It's generally not a good idea to leave valuables in the car, even if it's hidden.

parent calling could have been serious. You never know. Why question OP?

Dad not stranger he could have easily said your mom just had a stroke

so we get down voted because we would answer the calls for our parents? You guys are awful people.

Clearly, it's not the fact that you're being down voted because you answer a call from your parents. It js because of the plain and simple fact that you do not have your phone on during an interview. let alone, answer it. I wouldn't hire a person who did that.

I agree you're not being down voted for answering a call from your parents, the point is you shouldn't check your phone or even have it on in an interview, therefore you shouldn't even know it's a parent.

Im just saying OP shouldnt have even checked who was calling if they were in a job interview. Could have called back once they were done with the interview.

I don't understand why you answered your phone in the middle of an interview. ydi

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yes but he had enough room to add that detail if it were the case, right?

But that's kind of irrelevant.

If I'm interviewing someone, I would expect them to have their phone off. You don't answer a call in an interview. Ever. You return the call when the interview is over. If it was an emergency, his dad should have called 911. Ya know, the emergency number.

Obviously it'd never be "help I need you to come save me" but an "I just got into a really bad accident and my car is totaled and has been towed can you come get me" or something along those lines, or just news of a death or severe injury... you get the idea.

what if's don't matter here because it wasn't the case. this was not an emergency.

I know but I'm just saying, that could be why OP answered.

You shouldn't have answered.