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  Dgarcia2014  |  13

Clearly, it's not the fact that you're being down voted because you answer a call from your parents. It js because of the plain and simple fact that you do not have your phone on during an interview. let alone, answer it. I wouldn't hire a person who did that.

  A7XCamaro  |  19

I agree you're not being down voted for answering a call from your parents, the point is you shouldn't check your phone or even have it on in an interview, therefore you shouldn't even know it's a parent.


If I'm interviewing someone, I would expect them to have their phone off. You don't answer a call in an interview. Ever. You return the call when the interview is over. If it was an emergency, his dad should have called 911. Ya know, the emergency number.

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Obviously it'd never be "help I need you to come save me" but an "I just got into a really bad accident and my car is totaled and has been towed can you come get me" or something along those lines, or just news of a death or severe injury... you get the idea.