By Anonymous - 11/03/2013 14:03 - Sweden - Sundbyberg

Today, my dad has been hitting the bottle, and will only respond to anything I say in a slurred rap. FML
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Record him and make a remix :D

Sounds like all rap :D


Sounds like all rap :D

Some rap is really good and it takes a certain skill level to be able to rap

A skill level that Minaj, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and pretty much all rap artists these days lack.

Lant 6

RAP- retards attempting poetry

kishorekumar_a 10

21 - Justin Bieber is not a rap artist. Coming to think of it, he is not much of a music artist either.. :-)

25- I've always seen him as a shitty rap artist because he has parts in his songs where he does rap, but yes, I agree with you, he is not a good artist! We need more music artists like Pink Floyd and Zeppelin to come out! This crap we have today that we call "music" is slowly killing me!

Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People. There's a difference between rap and hip hop.

At least it gives you time to practice?

You need to listen to the real good lyricists that rhyme almost every word which makes rap an art. Eminem is a great example.


Mackay92 14

if that's the case i wish i was a retard to make the money they get

You don't have to be a 'retard' to make money, you just have to appeal to the idiots who listen to shitty music. Throw your dignity out the window, sing shitty pop music, and become a sellout.

Apparently, J. Cole, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Naz, and Jay-Z are crap or "retards attempting poetry". I am disgusted by peoples inability to appreciate culture. Just because you listen to a specific genre of music, thus does not make every other genre lesse. Please consider the saying "do not judge a bok by its cover". Rap and Hip-Hop maybe overshadowed by some seemingly illiterate artists, but if you actually tried looking for the better ones, I'm sure you would find something that appeals to you. I may not dedicatedly listen to rock, but I don't because it doesn't peek my interest. And most importantly, it's very hard to make a comparison between mainstream rappers and a great (I'll admit it) like Led Zepplin or Queen or Steven Tyler due to their genres, backgrounds, etc.

generalasskicker 12

Most rap today is shit some good most shit

I don't know who naz is but I like nas. I personally prefer Jimi Hendrix and classic Rock but I like Everthing. I do have to say that Justin bieber is NOT a rap artist.

Record him and make a remix :D

HowAreYouToday 34

Call the Album DDRapz (drunk dad raps). Next no.1 hit!

Ain't nobody got time for that..., one of my favourite remixed things this year

Then put it on YouTube and watch the views keep on coming

With Auto-tune you could make millions!

then000bster 16

Yo yo! Your life must really suck Just like the way this rap is pure luck So I'm going to end it Bacon

I hope rapping is not your passion because you fail miserably

then000bster 16

Yeah... I don't rap and know that I suck at it. Just tryin to be funny, but apparently I'm not too good at that either.

peachesncreem 21

I like the part about bacon :)

I guess you're just a noob at rapping

And all this time I thought bacon made everything awesome! your comment proved otherwise....

joethebiden 8

That pretty much sums up Biz Markie's singing career.

Don't hate! I love me some biz Markie! But, agreed. Lol

#53- You LOVE Biz Markie? And you say he's just a friend...

There should be an alternate button besides fyl and ydi, called tfh- that's f*cking hilarious. This is a tfh.

Not if that's your dad. It's always funny until it happens to you

If it was my dad it'd still be funny.

I hope this isn't a common occurance for you to see, Op. Either way, fyl today. :p

almost as bad as your profile picture

73- Because you have so much room to talk!!!

what's that son? your FML is done? oh your mad cuz daddy pops the bottle? watch me hit my dance!!! wobble wobble. You justmad cause im fly and yous flightless.... waddle.

New hit YouTube video coming soon!

Sing the fresh prince of Bel-Air to him...

Or better yet, a vulgar parody of that song.

hawright 13

Or better yet, join him and play a little 99 bust a rhyme.

What is this game, "99 bust a rhyme".

debbster7 18

Be his DJ because your the record he plays