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  PincessBoff  |  6

25- I've always seen him as a shitty rap artist because he has parts in his songs where he does rap, but yes, I agree with you, he is not a good artist! We need more music artists like Pink Floyd and Zeppelin to come out! This crap we have today that we call "music" is slowly killing me!

  ColdplaySucks  |  18

You don't have to be a 'retard' to make money, you just have to appeal to the idiots who listen to shitty music. Throw your dignity out the window, sing shitty pop music, and become a sellout.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Apparently, J. Cole, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Naz, and Jay-Z are crap or "retards attempting poetry". I am disgusted by peoples inability to appreciate culture. Just because you listen to a specific genre of music, thus does not make every other genre lesse. Please consider the saying "do not judge a bok by its cover". Rap and Hip-Hop maybe overshadowed by some seemingly illiterate artists, but if you actually tried looking for the better ones, I'm sure you would find something that appeals to you. I may not dedicatedly listen to rock, but I don't because it doesn't peek my interest. And most importantly, it's very hard to make a comparison between mainstream rappers and a great (I'll admit it) like Led Zepplin or Queen or Steven Tyler due to their genres, backgrounds, etc.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

I don't know who naz is but I like nas. I personally prefer Jimi Hendrix and classic Rock but I like Everthing. I do have to say that Justin bieber is NOT a rap artist.

By  kurodansei  |  16

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