By JWhite - 24/11/2011 08:42 - United States

Today, my dad got drunk and thought it would be a great idea to clean up the yard by dumping gasoline all over the leaves and lighting our entire front yard on fire. FML
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Seems legit. (:

The cool thing is that you won't have to mow the lawn next spring.


Seems legit. (:

What could go wrong?

Very efficient

I've got a new strategy to clean the leaves up at my house! I'll just test it out in my neighbor's yard first...

Mission complete

You might be a redneck if...

That awkward moment when you catch your dad lighting the lawn on fire...

That awkward moment when you have to explain to the firemen why half the block has burnt down...

I hate awkward moment jokes too. It was just a good situation. But how about that awkward moment when I tell all the people who make those jokes to go fuck off?

28- Then you'd be telling yourself to fuck off since you were the first one to use the awkward moment joke...

It's the first awkward moment joke I've made in the history of my life. I actually find them to be a poor attempt at humor. Next question please

came here to say this.

It's too legit to quit. (;

I love how all of number 22's comments have been thumbed down (;

it truly does

27: *too sorry I had to

Your dad is fertilizing the soil with the ashes of the dead leaves

Thats a nice yard you got there. It woulds be a shame if something happened to it

Fun beats practicality every time. And beer beats fun.

Beer is fun. So that's irrelevant.

No, no, no... Beer enhances fun.

Your dads a reborn pyromaniac!

now to clean the ashes.....

Or he's an ecologist testing theories about secondary succession.

Well make the most of it by roasting some marshmallows and singing some campfire songs.

Camplawn songs? Sorry... I'll go back under my bridge....

Is it time for a Spongebob reference yet?

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song And if you think we can't sing this song faster then you're wrong! But it would help if you just sing along!

hahah your dad is a dumb ass drunk

most are....

52- Really? And where did you happen to get those statistics?

lol everybody is hating on my comment! oh well! also 96 fuck off baby dick

Burn baby, burn!

Disco... Err, lawn-o inferno! Had to make it fit somehow...

The cool thing is that you won't have to mow the lawn next spring.

I should totally do this then!

Tell your dad you're studying Scorched Earth Policy in school.

Was Scorched Earth Policy taught at Perdix University?

It will be when Perdix University is founded. ;)

Pluss the ash is good for the soil so technically it's good for the lawn, well the next lawn lol

I think burning grass will actually make it come back greener. He's obviously a pro at this

Wow! Now I can burn up half my neighborhood's lawns for a reason! Thanks

Puts a new meaning to "greener on the other side." If OP's neighbors ask, the secret is arson...

I don't think that's what they had in mind when they said "Christmas lights"

I'm with your dad, here. Raking is a pain in the ass.

It hurts your arms too!!!

No, use a snow blower to blow them all onto your neighbors yard :-)