By randommanwill - United States - Philadelphia
Today, my dad got angry with me for not watching "Better Call Saul" with him, because he thinks it will help me with law school. He did this while I was actually reading for a class taught by the top health law professor in the country. FML
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By  abbyade  |  21

Ha, fathers thinking they no beat all the time. Just explain to him, enlighten him and hopefully he will back off and let you study!

Also, consider studying in library's if he persists.


Uh, of course it's better than hitting the books. I watched the Hunger Games and now I understand how to run a country. I'm running for president in 2020, and you try to tell me that watching shows and movies isn't better than "learning" or "taking a class" or "being qualified to do your job correctly?" Pfft.

By  Bleublancrouge_fml  |  13

I know your pain. I LOVE hearing people saying "Why don't just watch suits?".
Yep, that will definitely help me learning about the 30-pages long judgement that set precedents.