By Aly - 09/12/2011 15:40 - United States

Today, my dad finally decided to give me the "sex talk." It was going fine until he said, "If you ever decide to have sex, picture my face like this" and pointed to his face, which had a creepy, intense stare. He just ruined sex for me. Forever. FML
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I'll keep that in mind for when I have kids lol

kikiwi_fml 9

Looks like your dad has it figured out.


I'll keep that in mind for when I have kids lol

At least he pointed at his creepy face instead of dropping his pants

Well then.... Just... Turn off the lights?:D

LiyIa_fml 8

I think your Father, just succeded in making sure you don't have sex.

See what's in 80's pic? You'll never have one.

"Picture my face like this" imagination works in the dark too, you butthead.

jake1632 9

What! You don't know what sex is? It's... Erm.., it's a kind of desert?

Desert?! I would get the joke if your wrote dessert but sex is a type of desert? Mind=blown

If its remotely comparable to a desert, you're doing it wrong!

jake1632 9

I believe your sarcasm detectors are broken, sir. to be stupid enough not to understand, you really need to stop taking things so seriously.

DetLions32 6

Ur fault for saying stupid questions in the first place

kikiwi_fml 9

Looks like your dad has it figured out.

Daddy knows the best :) Well at least he is ok with you having sex, only problem that he sabotaged your entire sex life for rest of your life. Truly I m sorry for you, fyl op

shouldnt the mom give OP the advice since its like a man to man / woman to woman talk? lol.

do not have sex. if you have sex you will get chlamydia and you die.

72- 61 is just making a mean girls reference...

Or your penis will shrivel up and fall off, then go into a hell filled with hungry vicious dogs.

61 is quoting a movie. Don't get hysterical...

128- I'm watching hp and right when I read that voldemort yelled it 0.o

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uprising_fml 0

or he wants her to think about his creepy face, thus turning her off from said lay .

5- I wish you were joking, but I don't think you were. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave now.

this is way too disturbing, even for on FML

You know, this would be a funny comment, if you didn't add that ':/' at the end.

Torva_fml 16

I'm not, that's funny.... That dad just breezed through that sex talk, with a strong finish. I admire the man.

The_Troller 14

I find this FML funny because it reminds of the Stare Dad meme. And it's goes perfectly with it.

sucks2BEyouu 0

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You obviously missed the point of the FML. How about you do some thinking? That is, if it's not too hard for ya.

Sussed = figured out. :p And I meant that he achieved his goal of putting his daughter off sex for some time.