By meowcat101 - 21/08/2010 04:05 - Canada

Today, my dad decided to take me to play golf to relieve the stress of recovering from a bad concussion. While teaching me to swing, he hit me in the head. FML
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I know your Dad,it wasn't an accident.


well for next time... never stand behind or within swinging distance of the person with the club:)

that bites but here's the I think someone was trying to save you from the snore

fyl??? imagin what your mom did to your dad for that...

God just really doesn't like you.

Stress of recovering from a concussioin?

concussion* -.-

your dad doesn't want you to recover from the concussion! it's on purpose he hit you on the head

I say YDI because really the only way together is if you where standing bhind or in front but other let go and it hit u then FYL.

atleast the stress is gone? I'm glad you make a good stress reliever, call me up sometimes I got a extra baseball bat anyways.

ohhh that has to hurt

Honestly, there is no stress inrecovering from a concussion. Literally all you have to do is do nothing strenuous. Stress..... Please.....

did he... blow your mind?? AHAHAHA.. get it? 'cause... blow?... you know what? screw you guys



Old Penis! -,- damn..


Obese Pineapple

tweetbaby14 18

oompah-loompa prostate


@18 Blue Waffle??? Gross, that is the most disturbing thing Ive ever heard of in my life. Lol

have u seen one?? it's disgusting!!! BLECHK

let's not start the blue waffle crap pls it's disturbing as hell. to clarify for all the future users this is how it goes FML- fuck me life YDI- you dumb idiot OP- obese person

Orange Waffle.

49 epic picture

isn't YDI for You Deserved It?...

Yes it is. I guess it can mean both.

you dumb idiot and you deserve it... you dumb idiot fits more

okay, this is the last time i repeat this. OP is Optimus Prime.

ouch. hit him back haha. that sucks :/ why you out anyway you should be resting...

head shot bieeotchhh! :] ahh just kidding. are you okayy now??

oooooh the irony ... Sorry OP, but I laughed so much. xD

Don't you just love the irony?

I agree with 11

You just created a vicious circle.

well now you've got an excuse to never have to play golf again. Trauma can pull that you know.

Golf is fun to play. It's just boring to watch. And you can drink while hitting a few rounds!

well now you've got an excuse to never have to play golf again. Trauma can pull that you know.

Hmm, I guess 'stress relief' is a personal thing - some take up a hobby, some do sports and others go walking in a park, I guesshe chose the last two... A twofer!

Stress relief is a great thing. But after a concussion you don't need stress relief. you need rest.

I know your Dad,it wasn't an accident.

That happened to me once, my brother and I were swinging at some balls in our backyard and he hit me so hard it knocked me out!

yeah well that's what happens when you hit your brothers balls...

hahaha ^^at 40