By XoxoChula - 22/03/2013 05:41 - United States

Today, my dad came out of jail. He showed me his tattoo of a bible on his chest with all his 13 kids' names on it. I'm the only one whose name is spelled wrong. FML
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In jail AND can't even spell his kid's name right... Your dad sounds like quite the fella!

perdix 29

Is your name Vasectomy, because your dad evidently cannot spell that either?


F your moms life, she gave birth 13 times!

I highly doubt that...

It's the thought that counts?

It's the forget that counts.

ohcoolstorybro 14

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Nope, not at all! xoxo #5

His name is bob

He spelled it Boob

In jail AND can't even spell his kid's name right... Your dad sounds like quite the fella!

No OUT of jail. And I doubt that he tattooed himself.

I'm sure whoever did his tattoo for his was given specific instructions (by him) on what to write. He obviously must have told him the wrong spelling. And regardless of the fact that he is out of jail now, the fact that he was put in the slammer at all doesn't exactly personify him as a good person

Personify means to give identity to an inanimate object. Right?

He could always blame autocorrect.

67, that's one of the definitions of personify. Another definition is "to represent (an abstract quality or idea): This character personifies evil" or "to be the embodiment or perfect example of: "Stalin now personified bolshevism in the eyes of the world" (both definitions courtesy of Merriam-Webster). 36 was, however, using the word incorrectly. I believe the word he's looking for is "characterize".

Thanks, I didn't know that! And knowing is half the battle!

Maybe it was the tattooer (?) that spelled it wrong? Hopefully.

Possible some some people spell their name in specific ways, i.e. Brittany = Britney

I'm still thinking about the fact that your dad has thirteen kids. Can you say gigolo?

Yea, that guy seriously has a hot salami.

Brutal! It was probably the tattoo artist.. I'm sure your dad got an inmate to make him pick up 'the bar of soap' for that one!

That seemed a little forced.

It just means you're special!:)

jaime411 11

Well when there is 13 kids I probably would forget how to spell one name too

Really? I'd like to know that the person who gave me my name at least knew how to spell it, no matter how many kids that person had to name.

420Zombie 17

yeah I imagine that keeping track of a mere 13 names and their spelling shouldn't be THAT difficult

People make mistakes, even when it comes to tattoos. Hell, I think I've even spelled my own name wrong once or twice. The good news is that it seems that OP's father has found faith and thus a reason to turn his life around and the realization of how much he loves his children, so much so that he haa permanently etched a token of his love for both his faith and his children on his chest. It's a terrible shame there was such a big screw up in the process though. :( Maybe he can get it fixed.

laya_fml 26

With thirteen kids I might even forget a name.

@93 Especially if the name is unusual or has multiple spellings/is an unusual spelling. My name's spelled Rachael, as much as I love it because it's so unique, I really wish people would stop spelling my name wrong. At least my parents remember how it's spelled, but then again it's just my two brothers and I not 13 of us.

My parents forget my name and they only have two kids haha. I also get called by my cats name as well. You just can't win

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what?? why?

That's right, OP! You deserve to have your name spelled wrong, because it apparently isn't that big of a deal! Logic isn't your strong suit, is it 11?

420Zombie 17

lol yeah, totally op's fault for the fact that somebody else can't spell op's name. that makes total sense -_-.

perdix 29

Is your name Vasectomy, because your dad evidently cannot spell that either?

sugarshane007 20

Wait, I thought OP's name was Anthrax.

perdix 29

#18, no, because of a well-placed bribe, he ended up with Analwarts.

sugarshane007 20

Damn. Some poor guy has Analwerts tatooed on his chest, right next to his daughter's name, Chlamydia. I'm starting to think this is more FHL!


Maybes his name is Condom. Or Birth Control. Cause damm 13 kids is QUITE the achievement.

Those achievement whores... they do crazy things.