By unlucky_number13 - 14/07/2009 09:41 - United States

Today, my crush came over and we began to fool around. He started to kiss my stomach, and just when I was getting into it, he pulled away with a disgusted look on his face, wiped his mouth, and said, "We'll continue this when you get rid of all your bellybutton lint." FML
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did you tell him you were saving it to make a blanket for winter?

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Ew, thats really gross. Take a bath. :(


did you tell him you were saving it to make a blanket for winter?

If she's hot... belly button lint can be over looked! who sticks their tongue in a belly button anyway? You're doing it wrong!

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bskballa, sparda was REPLYING to the first comment, dumb ayusssss.

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Um, I think that was bskballa92's point.

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honestly u people make such a big deal about "replying to first commentor to be seen" or "being the first to post a comment

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It's you idiots that give them attention that makes them want to be first commenters.

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You are the smartest person on the internet dinosaursmoo, you win.

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Funny... cause if it wasn't for everyone bitching about people replying to the first comment there'd only be one or maybe two comments on the top of the page, but now (including mine) there are 9 or 10 (depending on what the hahaha-ing was for) comments that are COMPLETELY unrelated to the first post. One or two comments can easily be ignored, but when there are 10 comments for the first post people can hardly help but notice... And it's not like you're not doing the same thing either.. If you followed your own advice (requirements) you'd post your complaints at the bottom of the page and just have to hope everyone or even anyone read them like you expect everyone else to.... Doesn't really bother me at all where people post, just saying... it's kinda funny...

lmao ahh good times. i hope you learned your lesson ^_^

well my older sis used to stick boogers in her bellybutton and eat it along wit ta lint. GROSS. she stored them there too

Actually licking around the belly button is somewhat arousing lol depends on person. everyone should clean their belly buttons, it's like any other part of the body, if not washed germs build up there

only the washer germs end up in the belly button, not any of the"dirty" ones

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Ew, thats really gross. Take a bath. :(

Seriously. How do you even get lint in your belly button? And yes I know that it makes a little more sense if you have an 'innie' but still. You must have a fucking cave as a bellybutton or some shit.

who else checked their bellybutton?!

Genius_man, this is how: Everyone, even girls, unfortunately, wear shirts. When our shirts get dirty, we like to clean them using a washing machine. After that, our clothes are normally wet, so we like to dry them using a dryer. In said dryer, small things of dust, skin cells, and clothing clump together to form lint. As the clothes are rolling around in the dryer, sometimes lint gets on or inside them. Then when we put the shirt on again, theres sometimes lint on it! How magical! Then if said lint on the shirt is near our bellybutton, it may transfer inside of it! I really had no idea that someone could really wonder as to how lint gets in our bellybuttons, like really, youre comments are really strange idiot_man16, oh whoops i mean genius_man16

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I did! Good thing I'm clean.

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I'm an innie and I never get belly button lint. o.o LOL sucks for the OP D:

Eww, that's gross. Go shower yourself, right now!

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I second that.

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I third that, try taking a shower daily like most normal people do.

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i 'fourth' that. that's disguusting.

70 - Where does it say that OP doesn't shower daily? Lint can easily get in your belly button in a day, assuming you wear a shirt.

*looks in bellybutton* Well well, would you look at that.

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yeah at least he didn't find the entrance to the parallel universe hidden in there, or hear the creepy voice saying "there is no Dana only Zool!"

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tryit132 that's fucking awesome, Haha a lint stay puff marshmallow man comes crawling outta there.

To all the others who think it's 'nasty', once you reach your teens or a little beyond you might start to collect lint too, through the course of the day. I happens.

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Through the course of the day, you collect it. Then you clean it out when you bathe, which should be once a day. Wouldn't a quick shower be on the to-do list before having someone come over to engage in sexy licky type activities?

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At the tender age of 24, that doesn't happen to me.

i agree, if you plan on having someone over in which you might fool around you should get ready

hahaha, sexy licky type activities. that's a keeper.

Funny, you say take a quick shower before having sex with someone..yet I'm pretty sure there are many posts on here of people doing it in public. And never have I seen someone say OMG YOU DIDN'T TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE DOING IT. Get over yourself, stupid teenagers shouldn't be on this site

Hahah oh no.. arkward much?

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My question is, why was his tongue in your belly button? I mean, unless you have so much that it's spilling over (*shudders*), it shouldn't be that noticeable. On the other hand, clean that shit out.

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oh my god. i just threw up a little in my mouth. gross.