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Today, my crazy ex-girlfriend legally changed her last name to mine. I'm getting married in a week. FML
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Change yours to your new wife's last name...

neutralize 12

Well, someone didn't want to quite let go... yikes!


ZY1431 24

I suggest maybe changing yours haha.

No, what OP needs to do is get a restraining order against her. That'll more than likely do the trick. If she comes near him...she gets locked up.

cheshirecat13242 32

Nothing says "I love you too" like a restraining order.

Stage 5 clinger... Doubt a restraining order will help!

You can get a restraining order for nearly any reason.

Once in a line up at the grocery store I leaned over and sniffed a girls hair. She took me to court and got a restraining order and sued me for sexual harassment... (Just joking)

incoherentrmblr 21

Getting married to a guy or girl?

#50, oh! I didnt see the gender symbol on the side..this is what i get for not paying attention. But either way, male or female OP should consider a restraining order in case her ex does decide to continue on her path of psychotic.

I don't understand why #1 got thumbed down... His comment made perfect sense. If she's marrying a woman anyways, there usually isn't much pressure from either side over whose last name they both take. In this case it would be funny, and effective.

5? I think there needs to be another level...or 3 to describe that level of crazy.

Well what else would you expect if your sniff a random girls pubic hair #43!

They may not have changed it ... I strongly feel that's the case cause you can go annon. And change the gender

neutralize 12

Well, someone didn't want to quite let go... yikes!

I think she is way past the point of letting go

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Time for a restraining order. And if your fiancee doesn't know, don't tell her.

Ok #26 that's just a terrible idea. Not telling your significant other about a crazy stalker ex leads to you hurting your current partner. Crazy bitch sending selfies and lewd texts, you try to hide em, girlfriend finds out somehow, you are now labeled a two timer. Of course if people were honest and used common sense like that FML would be kinda boring....

You're lesbian?! I didn't know that. Look at OP's gender thing. Still, FYL though.

#56 I don't get what being lesbian or straight has to do with anything said, that is if you were referring to my comment. What I said was common sense for human relationships.

XXgutterflowerXX 18

There is suck a thing as bein bi-sexual too. She didn't say if she was marring a man or a woman, just that her ex was female.

stalker, much? that shouldn't be allowed to happen.

You can change you name to what ever you want

I understand that. I am saying it shouldn't be because of creepers like this.

My bf legally changed his name because he didn't want to carry the last name of his abandoning father. It was easy to do and didn't cost very much money. There are many other reasons that people do it. One crazy person shouldn't stop this system.

no I don't think it should be illegal to change your name altogether. my husband adopted my daughter and we changed her last name. I just don't think you should be able to change it on a whim... to your ex's surname... who wants nothing to do with you.

But why not? Why put limits on it? They are plenty of people that share the same last name, myself included. They don't effect me. The ex- girlfriend is the one that has to deal with the hassle of changing her driver's license/ID, SS# etc... and it shouldn't effect the OP either since she moved on with another relationship. (:

luckyone365 7

24, thats a dumb reason to change your last name.

How is that a dumb reason? Living forever with the last name of a man that gave you your name and nothing more. To one day have kids and give them that same last name, allowing the legacy to live on. That sounds like a really good reason to change a last name to me.

regardless if OP moved on, its still pretty weird. Especially if they lived in a smaller city and know a lot of the same people.

SuperMew 22

The only reason, I know of, that you cannot change your last name is if you are trying to get out of paying debt, etc. My best friend is changing her name because her father is an abusive asshole and she wants nothing to do with him. She actually changed her whole name, because she wants nothing to do with that family. I have been tempted to change my name to my nickname, just because I hate my first name. Saying someone's personal choice to change their name is ignorant. I would not want to have the name of a man who did not care enough to stay. Why not make your own future?

OK. And what happens if your husband's last name is common and happens to be the same last name of an ex of yours? Should you not be able to change your daughter's name because your random ex (whom you haven't spoken to in years) believes it's because you're obsessed with him?

buttcramp 21

this is waaay creepy lol is this going to be an issue, though? do you live close?

That's what I was thinking. Who cares OP it's not like people will think you two are family. There are probably other people with your last name that you don't even know. Just let her be weird and ignore it.

kayrose10 10

Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't get awesome names like "Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop". That would be a tragedy.

euphoricness 28

You forgot about Sharkeisha, Welshite. The most unique of all names!

Why shouldn't it? It's not like she probably said anything about her real reason when she got her name changed.

RedPillSucks 31

@16. No. "Uniqua" is the most unique name of all. Uniqua Shanica Bynum.

I'll give you one good reason, 5: North West.

Don't forget about La-a, pronounced Ladasha

#86 - Heh... bet she's gonna HATE to explain it every time! I liked the name though :)

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Theres also the guy who legally changed his last name to Lizardlover

Uniqua is my nickname LOL (inside joke) #60

Make your honeymoon in another country...and then just don't come back. Ever.

I feel sorry for your ex-girlfriend. She obviously needs help.

Change yours to your new wife's last name...

My inner feminist and my inner vengeful bitch both approve.

If they already have a marriage license then they might not be able to switch the last name. When you apply for one you put down who is changing their last name and who is keeping theirs. Then again, there may be enough time to reapply for a new license.

Neither party has to change their last name. It's not 1920.

34 - You realize they're both women, right?

70- That has nothing to do with the FML or 34's comment.

95- Yes it does. By "inner feminist," 34 means that she disapproves with the social norm of the wife taking the husbands last name. Since, as 70 said, both OP and her wife are women, this social norm does not apply, making the "inner feminist" part redundant.

We don't know if she's getting married to a woman or a man, just that her ex is a woman.