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  perdix  |  29


The eyes of Texas are upon you
All the livelong day
The eyes of Texas are upon you
You cannot get away
Do not think you can escape them
Late at night or early in the morn. . .

That's an even older song and probably the inspiration for W's spying programs.

  uptown_16  |  9

"♪And the eyes of the Ranger are upon you; any wrong you do he's gonna see.
When you're in Texas, look behind you—'cause that's where the Ranger's gonna be.♪" Walker, Texas Ranger theme song

  hannaaaahr  |  33

Oh yes, of course, because I always view a profile picture before I tumb someone up or down. Seriously, the pictures are so small that I can't even see wether someone is pretty or not and even if I could see it, I wouldn't judge them on that.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I don't think it really matters how pretty the commenter is, it's all about the comment they post. What's wrong with pretty girls on FML? We need em to balance out all the kitties and dogs anyway. It starting to seem like animals are taking over the comments, and they don't even have thumbs!

  sunflowerchild  |  10

#7 has a picture of the back of their head. They still got more likes than you. Don't say that my looks got me 5 thumbs up. Haha maybe it's because I acknowledged that I made a bad pun.

  ClaytorNator  |  12

You still got more likes than him. I'm not interested in fighting about a silly subject such as this, and I believe you aren't either. I'm betting you aren't trying to get likes with your picture, but guys are just like that. :)

  lennelleong  |  33

To me, it's hilarious & maybe memorable if it's glue and the googly eyes can be removed - but FML if it's superglue. Not sure if OP could turn the situation around, wing it and salvage his professional rep. (:

  ileenefudge  |  29

If the client was that important, he/she was probably there for business purposes so more then likely the client wouldn't understand. Office pranks are not professional when someone that important shoes up. That could get OP in a lot of trouble.

  Mr_Satan  |  11

Yea, it's all about the client-company relationship.

The more important the service is to the client, and the less they personally know OP, the less likely they will understand.

(Assuming OP is trustworthy)