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  DracoSpirita  |  21

38 - I take medication for my insomnia that causes me to gain weight easily. It's not just medical *issues* or laziness that can cause being overweight. Sometimes it really is out of the person's control - no matter how much I exercise while on the medicine, for example, I still continue to gain weight. >.


#52 You know, there something called the law of conservation of energy. If you're gaining weight, that means you're absorbing more energy that you expend. Your medication may lower your energy expenditure, but it's not a direct cause of weight gain. Food is. I think it's the critical thing to realize in weight management.

  littlekellilee  |  45

That's not a true statement. I was on pills that made me lose weight. I ate lots of terrible foods, like doughnuts, candy, and red bull on top of my usual three meals. I still lost weight. it had nothing to do with how much I was taking in as opposed to giving off. The pills just change your metabolism. Look up people on medical steroids. Your face and upper body gain weight without the rest of you following suit. Once you're off pills, you go back to normal.

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Or op is broke and cheap food has a billion carbs and tons of fat. Eating healthy is expensive. If you don't eat healthily, you're not going to have the energy needed to work out and lose it all. So you can't eat right and you'll be too tired to exercise and whoa look its a chain stemming from being broke! Tada! You have a basic guide to low-income obesity problems!


#63 I'm not sure if you were responding to me, but you are not contradicting my statement, nor the law of conservation of energy. Yes, you can take pills, which will increase your metabolism causing you to expend more energy, thus losing weight. Caffeine has that effect.

  silencebabyy  |  23

#63 I believe that it you eat a lot of bad foods which have zero calories or empty calories, then your body isnt getting the right amount of nutrients and/or calories it needs which can lead to weight loss for various reasons.

  PIGaming  |  21

Although I cringe whilst typing this, she could say she had a miscarriage and it is doubtful that her coworkers, with any emotional intelligence, would think to investigate her pregnancy further. I do not recommend this path though...