By Anonymous - Australia - West Hoxton
Today my coworker, who I'm secretly in love with, asked me what my plans for the weekend were. I thought she might have been about to ask me out, so I said that I had no plans. She then rolled her eyes and said that she hates talking to, "boring people who shut down every conversation starter." FML
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  tigerisabelle  |  31

Small talk is a necessary evil, #37, but I've yet to find very many people who ENJOY it. Even the most magnetic and charismatic people can get a little tired of it after a while. I know that I don't really mind it, but I'd much prefer a deep conversation with someone.

By  Brightbulb  |  39

that would be when you say something like " relaxing and enjoying my time off, but nothing in particular. Do you have anything fun planned?" It says you are up for chatting and also can edit or add a few plans too. :) hope that helps next time.

  mariri9206  |  32

My thoughts exactly. OP should definitely ask her out - worst thing that will happen is she'll say no. Besides, she may not know OP likes her and it didn't occur to her to hang out with OP outside the office.

  mariri9206  |  32

It would only be awkward if they let it. Like, if OP had asked her out and she said no, it's not really big deal because it's just a crush, at this point, and OP would get over it. OP shouldn't have waited for her to possibly make a move - OP should have done it, especially since it seems like she has absolutely no idea OP likes her.

And, obviously, if OP were to ask her out, it should have definitely been before this because, yes, you're right - the response does seem like OP should just move on.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Sounds like she presented you with an excellent opportunity to feign irritation and say, "Look, I hate working this stupid cover as much as anybody, but national security is at ris—wait! Nothing. Never mind." Then flash her a sheepish but endearing smile and return to your work.