By newscorp employee - 12/01/2009 16:03 - United States

Today, my coworker told me that the framed picture our boss put on her desk last week was not, as I originally thought, a picture of her father, but a picture of Rupert Murdoch. FML
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This was supposed to be a FML because Murdoch OWNS Newscorp, and the OP didn't even recognize the owner of the company she works for.

I don't really get why this is a FML... Maybe I'm just being slow.


I don't really get why this is a FML... Maybe I'm just being slow.

he is the head honcho at newscorp. that's why it's a fml, cos she doesn't even know what her boss looks like, let alone who he is

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it's cause she's liberal

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Same here. So...?

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oh man a picture of Mr.Murdoch?! dang that is a FML....oh man my boss has pictures of her kids in her draw at work!! crap FML too! (dont mean to sound rude sorry)

murdoch...good luck. sounds like your boss expects a lot of his/her workers if murdoch is their idol.

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How can this be an FML for the person posting? After all, it wasn't as if the small jab about ambition was pointing towards him/ was for the coworker.

#1's an idiot. Rupert Murdoch is one creepy motherfucker.

so did this effect your life?

Bad fml dude waste of time

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How is this an fml?