By single and not mingling - 04/06/2010 17:36 - Canada

Today, my coworker told me she knew about my secret boyfriend because she has a "sixth sense" about these things. I'm too embarrassed to tell her I'm desperately single and the last date I went on was three years ago. FML
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perdix 29

He's so secret even you don't know about him!

Mr_Zachary 0

what the fuck 27?


White_Fury 0

Desperately single?

1,she reli wants a guy ... gaawwsh imbecile

Snugglez 0

aw how sad =[ and sixth sense? she sounds beasty

luvpav 0

many succesful woman have no man behind them, but want one there just to say we have a dog at home and he's trained to do just about everything.

Mr_Zachary 0

what the fuck 27?

epoh_fml 0

OP, if your hot you could probably marry Samantha :P

rallets 22

ahh damn feminists, always independent until something goes wrong

get out and go to bars or social areas, it isn't that hard to get someone tbh also you don't need someone to be happy, you should be happy with yourself :) damn I love skittles xD

hahahahaha skittles part is soooo random!! hahahaha

rosemary1990 0

y worry. when ur single u can have all the fun u like w/o worrying about anything

degrassilovur 0

pooor you :( --no sarcasm-- you should get out more and tell your coworker se needs help(:

I've read this one before. but even still get out and get a date. ydi.

it's been 4 years since I had a gf or a friend... it kinda sucks I guess

u must have no life

sorry, you got no tits missy

Nice, shouldve played along

"I think he may be the one!" he = her vibrator.

I like how seanreddog sits on fml all day just so he can get early comments

Well I don't have much else to do...

RaIeigh 0

Sean - Question. What happened to your other account?

It got banned. its unbanned now I just don't feel like switching back.

RaIeigh 0

Ohh, what did you do?

Nothing too bad..

epoh_fml 0

so mysterious, sean o_O

I just voiced my opinion about the you know what and they banned me!

Haha, I think seanreddog is the first one to be honest in admitting that when being called out by an idiot not realizing that by "knowing" sean is on here all day means he's on just as much. Win for Sean.

WOAH, my comment could use some punctuation, eh? :)

yea it looks like Sean dosent have anything else to do with his life but I'm glad he faced that fact! lol way to go man ur on ur way to gettin better :D!

Annzy 0

wow, your coworker is magical..xD

You know what else is magical? The iPad! *Braces for barrage of ignorance* Not really, of course—it's technology, and therefore not magical. But it's probably the bestest thing I've ever had.

requiem360 0

I guess bopity has never owned a laptop

Ah, contestant number one. No, here you're wrong. I have owned a laptop, a PC, and an iPod touch. The iPad beats all of them in web browsing, games, photos, presentations, music, and others (but I think I've made my point). I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you've never even held an iPad, much less owned one. Don't bash something until you've had extensive time with it.

web browsing- nope, iPads are worse at that. Aside for pages not being designed for them, they don't have flash, which is used extensively on many sites. This alone makes it worse at web browsing than a laptop. You're trying to say it's better at games? really? Even a $200 netbook can run a massive number of games on it (for free might I add). These include arcade games, countless pc games from the early 90s to now, and Internet flash games. If you get a higher end laptop, it can pretty much run any game ever made. Photos? presentations? music? For photos there are so many different programs (many of which are free) you can get which give you more control over your images than anything you can do on an ipad. Saying presentations are better on it is just ridiculous. PowerPoint alone outdoes anything the iPod touch xl can do. Music? I guess the ipad should be better here, since it's made by the guys who made the iPod. But even then it isn't. If you got a $200 netbook, you would get a far bigger hard drive (to store more music) and you could download one of multitudes of great media players for free, such as VLC or Winamp. As you said, 'I'm going to go out on a limb'. I would bet you don't even know of a good image sorting program, I bet you don't even know what a good game is aside from novelty touch screen games, and I bet you've never tried to use the ipad to anything but browse a couple of sites and look at your music and pictures. All of which you could do with a considerably cheaper computer. Anything you could do on an ipad you could do better on a laptop that costs $300 less.

Your limb has snapped. Again, I reiterate: do not bash it until you use it extensively. You are wrong on all accounts, aside from the exclusion of Flash. Even this is not nearly as big an exclusion as you seem to believe. I have only come across one Flash game, ever, that I enjoyed for more than thirty seconds. Even for that game, there's a free app. I've only come across one video that was exclusively in Flash, and even then, there was a free app for that. I have used my iPad for everything from making documents and presentations to playing a casual game or two (for free, I might add). It was not difficult at all, and I find that, with the help of the predictive text and autocorrect, I can actually type faster than on a regular computer. You have clearly never used one, so, like I said, don't bash it. Your assumptions have become very banal to me by now — early adopters always are criticized — but please don't objurgate the iPad when you have no experience. People laughed at GUIs, the iPod, the iPhone, and the Apple TV (actually, that's a bad example — people, including me, are still laughing at that one). Games are irrefutably better on the iPad than any other device, besides, of course, dedicated gaming devices like the XBOX 360. The multitouch screen combined with the accelerometer provide for a better gaming experience than a computer, and the added screen size opens up new possibilities in comparison to the iPod touch. PowerPoint does not at all blow away anything the "iPod touch xl" has. Keynote for iPad is very powerful, and far easier to use than PowerPoint. At this point, calling the iPad an "iPod touch xl" and blatantly stating things of which you have no experience, you look ignorant and maladjusted. If you can come up with a legitimate point, then I will concede that one and that one only. Any others I will continue to refute. I don't, contrary to what many, and possibly you, think that all owe total obsequiousness to the supreme Steve Jobs, but rather that the iPad is a great new product, and it fits rather handily into my life. I am the only one of the two of us that has claimed to own all of these devices, and thus, I'm the only one with the experience to compare. The iPad is not without its faults, but it is not at all what you seem to think. I'm up for further debate if you are. Thanks for reading this dissertation (yes, all written on my iPad). Cheers, boopityboppity

Also, please read Stephen Fry's wonderful article here, and the others on

But that's the thing - I have used an iPad before. My next door neighbour got one and I messed around with it for a couple of hours. Nowhere did I find anything that a normal computer could. The fact that you say you don't like any flash games is completely subjective - I've found many which are great. Also are you trying to say PCs aren't a gaming platform? They are easily on par with the 360 and ps3 with current games, and on top of that, you can play virtually any game made in the past. Many would argue that they're a better gaming platform than the consoles. There's nothing new that the ipad brings to the table at all. There's nothing you can do on it which you couldn't do on a netbook for several hundred dollars cheaper. Sure, the ipad is alright, but it's really overpriced when in reality, the easy to use touchscreen interface is all you are paying for. Maybe it's worth that to you, but in my opinion, that alone isn't worth $500 ($800 where I live).

Nowhere did I find anything that a computer couldn't do**

Oh, I forgot one thing - you're saying you are refuting my points, but all you're doing is saying 'you're wrong' and calling me ignorant. All of your points are a mix of subjective anecdotes and personal attacks. The reality is that though it isn't a bad platform, there's nothing you can do which isn't available in some form on a netbook. If you believe that a touch screen interface is worth the price tag, by all means be happy with your purchase, but that isn't the case for me.

No, I paid for the iPad because it does every single thing I want it to, it does it better than a computer, and it cost the same (netbooks do not factor into the equation. They are awful), at least where I live (I agree with you — $800 is steep). Saying the iPad brings nothing new to the table shows that you really haven't spent a lot of time with the better apps on this device. Yes, it runs a modified version of the iPhone OS, but the apps are entirely different, and they're inherently different from PC executables because of the touchscreen. Also, when you say the web is not designed for the iPad, I can easily and simply say that the iPad is designed for the web. Even my friends who think of the iPad in the same manner as you admit that the web browsing is better than anything that they've ever experienced (a few, like you, believe Flash is important, however). You may not want, need, or have a use for the iPad, but that doesn't mean that it's useless for everybody; just look at the astonishing sales numbers. Cheers again, boopityboppity

I haven't personally attacked you; I did say that calling the iPad the "iPod touch xl" is an ignorant statement, but I never attacked you. Also, personal anecdotes are basically what reviews are. I don't see how else you can relate the experience of a product than with personal anecdotes. If I offended you, or my wording made it seem like I'm attacking you, I sincerely apologize.

Oh dear... I see where you're saying I called you "ignorant and maladjusted." I do sincerely apologize; please feel free to let loose on me (I wouldn't think it out of line at all — I thoroughly deserve a sound scolding). Again, I apologize.

IGotARedNose 0

wow stfu. why r u taking about ipads? faggets

Hmm, I guess we can agree on your point that people want different things out of what they buy. My laptop already effectively does everything I want it to, so i have no real need for an ipad. I'm hesitant to accept sales figures as an indicator of quality, though, especially with products which have had plenty of hype.

104 - why not? I came to this site to waste time in the first place.

Alright then, thank you. And (I'm getting repetitive, but I really mean it) I'm sorry again.

Lol, don't worry bout it. Even with all of that it was probably the most civil debate I've been in on the Internet.

ipad = giant iPhone that doesn't make phone calls

Thank you guys for arguing over a pointless thing. No one cares about weather you like the Ipad or hate it. Also tl;dr

You have an iPad? Cool!! I have a better version. It gets Internet anywhere, has a built in camera and phone, and fits in my pocket. 

requiem360 0

had one for a month. returned it after I realized my laptop does all those things superbly. don't want to take up too much space giving u the specs of an ipad versus a laptop.

This chain was impressive, but allow me to break it with something that won't be moderated.

monkeygirl92 0

Stop being so desperate and maybe you'll get a date.

haha u must b shit ugly!!!! ur co worker is a psychic!!!!!

lovinit5683 0

I guess her sixth sence doesn't work right..... :p

her sixth sense is not tingling

WhatANoob 0

myn is...

ppl these days just need to mind their own f***ing buisness

^ ^ posted on a site dedicated to airing peoples business!

tienjt 3


114 if that's all ur going to say is "aha" y do u say anything

xmasterkennedyx 0

cause he no speaka engrish

Hiropon 0

naww dude. rice duh winn :3 haha I'm Asian :D no eyes 8D lmfaoo.

misarei 0

you should watch "he just not that into you." might make you feel better. your co-worker is most likely a gossiping dumbass! nice way to look stupid.

vivalacobraxo 0

this is when you tell your coworker she's right and then tell everyone about her sixth sense and completly embaress her when she's wrong about everything


awhh that's so sad, hope it gettz better(: just put urself out there hunn(: