By pinecones - United Kingdom
Today, my coworker said that she suddenly got the shivers. I jokingly told her that it meant she must be being watched by a dead person and made stupid ghost noises. She then told me it was the anniversary of her dad's death and burst into tears. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

It's a common saying that if you shiver someone's walked over you grave. Whatever that means. But basically op was saying something that many people have said/joked about over the years.

Not your fault Op, you couldn't have known. Just apologize, (as I'm sure you have) comfort her, and try and get her mind off of it maybe.

  xninix_fml  |  36

Maybe to get the coworker to laugh? Since it was meant be a joke.
Op you couldn't known :/. Just try and be there for her today, and sincerely apologize to her if you haven't, but I'm sure you probably have.