By stinky - 12/12/2011 04:46 - United States

Today, my coworker friend told me she was going to the restroom. Soon after, I did the same. Once in the stall, I could smell a stench emanating from the next one. I yelled, "Ew, you stinky bitch" and sprayed air freshener under the partition. As I left the stall, my friend walked into the restroom. FML
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tsim_fml 0

why would you call her a stinky bitch, i mean come on.

Oh no! Hope they don't know you/recognize your voice.


Oh no! Hope they don't know you/recognize your voice.

TheRealBruce 12

This may be a stupid question but who carries a air freshener?

Some work places have air fresheners in their washrooms

34 - I have a strong feeling you don't know what "op" means..

Hahaha op better hope that wasn't her boss

Why does OP have an air freshener? Does she fart a lot?

Op i dont feel it neccesary to call them a stinky bitch... Now im starting to think your the real bitch here.......just not a stinky one.

91- so what if you don't feel it was necessary. It was *obviously a joke. Sensitive ass Sally.

actually #80 I'm pretty sure they do, they were more then likely answering the previously asked question of "who carries a airfreshener"

99- i was obviously being sarcastic and kidding like u say op was dumbass

redhedsaysrawr 18

i for one, am not exactly sure what it stands for... but im gathering at least that it is referring to the poster? so that being said.... what does it mean? :)

twaumat 28

I hope they do recognize the voice.

I bet you felt like bitch!!! That's super funny though.

TheRealBruce 12

*felt like A bitch Sorry not a grammar nazi just pointing it out before they attack

MizzErikaHart 8

It's funnier without the "a" cuz you can make a Russian accent. " i bet you felt like bitch"

31, That actually is really funny when you say it with a Russian accent, lmao.

builditbetter09 3

Still the lady in the stall...

Are you sure? OP carries a bottle of air freshener with her. Maybe she makes a habit of stinkin up the joint.

builditbetter09 3

Hopefully the person couldn't recognize your shoes or voice...fat chance of that at work though

Whoops I didn't realize that 1 said like the same thing...

tsim_fml 0

why would you call her a stinky bitch, i mean come on.

So thought that the woman next to her was her friend/co-worker, therefore, she said 'stinky bitch' as an appropriate friendly joke. Only it wasn't her friend/co-worker, but someone else, which makes it an inappropriate rude remark and an FML.

#45 you are correct, I also see no problem with joking around with a friend, I guess people have some really stiff friends these days.....

DangDatSux 0

Maybe she's a bitch that's stinky that's a shot in the dark btw

Well what do you expect a bathroom to smell like? Flowers? YDI for being too quick to judge and also very rude.

Nolnah 14

This story would of been 10x better if the person she sprayed was her boss.. hahah

Ugh. Public washrooms are disgusting places. Avoid them.

Well, sometimes it's either use one or shit your pants. When you're ready to have a turbo turd you can't be picky.

I agree, ******** your pants is far more fun. O.o

This one was slightly confusing. Should have been worded better.

MizzErikaHart 8

Wow! An actual camera taking the pic and not a cell phone!

10- Am I the only one that noticed that a blonde named "lilblondie" is making one of the few intelligent comments? Ironic.