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Today, my cousin told me that the stop signs outlined with a white line were optional. Later, a cop pulled me over, when I asked why he said, "You ran that stop sign back there." I explained what my cousin had told me and he looked at me funny and replied, "All stop signs have a white outline." FML
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  sunnyshines  |  0

this is a lie. i've heard this 'story' 100 times since i started driving. and it's always 'my friend's cousin' so i'm going to assume the OP heard this story and made a FML about it. Lame.

  sexymessy  |  0

Yeah i have to agree because my brother told me his friend did this to someone and they believed it and ran a stop sign during the test lol. It might be true but its DEFINITELY not the first time!

  jeremymg91  |  0


You're calling him stupid but yet you're the one that uses "u" for "you" and "r" for are. You're just as stupid as he is.

  KumoFF7  |  3

What I don't get is that if people don't care whether or not someone is first, why do they always bitch about it when someone says "FIRST" if you really didn't care wouldn't you ignore it? Unless you're 12 years old and jealous that you didn't get it yourself.


In my state, you take a written test first to get your permit. That's like a road IQ test... The questions are random though, so I guess if it's the same, maybe they just didn't have any stop sign questions...

OP: Did you know that if you say "gullible" really slowly it sounds like "green bears"?

  badluckalex  |  23

the people spreading these lies about driving and stop signs are complete idiots... because the even bigger idiots who believe that bs could seriosly injure or even kill someone or themselves

By  _chrissy_  |  0

Are you for real? If this is legit you are a total idiot. Since when are any stop signs optional? You're lucky you got pulled over, you could've killed someone driving around like a douchebag like that...