By keelah - 27/06/2014 21:57 - United States - Montgomery

Today, my cousin asked me what it's like to be so fat. I chastised him and said that was a rude thing to ask. He apologized, then asked me what it's like to be such a pussy. He didn't stop until he, a 10 year old kid, had reduced me, a 26 year old woman, to tears. FML
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Time to bring out the belt

That's horrible. I'm sorry OP! He needs to learn respect. Hopefully, He isn't such an ass when he gets older!


That's horrible. I'm sorry OP! He needs to learn respect. Hopefully, He isn't such an ass when he gets older!

If a 10yo asks you a question like that just give him a bs answer.. The fact that most overweight people immediately get so offended by the slightest mention of their weight is one of my biggest pet peeves.

This is exactly why i hate children

#18, I don't think someone would want another person to comment on their impurities. I wouldn't want someone to comment on how "ugly" I am. It's rude.

Can't understand why 18 is getting down voted, life is so much easier when you learn to accept your "impurities" and love yourself for who you are, no matter what anyone else says.

Loving who you are is the best way to go, but still her cousin went a little too far, things like common sense would work wonders on him.

completely agree with #57. I my self am over weight and when my family comments on my weight I give them a sarcastic full of bs answer. OP, learning to love yourself for who you are is a big step for others to accept and love you also. It is always good to accept who you are first, and if you're not content with that, then do something about healthier, exercise a bit more, and if you can't do it alone, there are Dr's who can help. trust're not alone. I was there once. (lost 15 lbs in a month)

I agree she got way too offended! she needs to live herself and not get upset so easily. But in saying that the kids parents need to teach that kid respect. I would have told him off too whether it upset me or not. He needs to learn you can't be so rude to people.

So if somebody with a prosthetic leg be "way too offended" if someone commented on it in such a way and they reacted like this? It's just common courtesy not to treat people like that. You're a dick if you do.

I didn't really get that she started out super offended. She just told him it was rude, which it was. Bringing something up that many people are sensitive about is not cool. My parents taught us all about tact and common sense, which are equally as important as loving who you are.

Should have slapped the little shit.

Could have just answered the Damn question.

U seem to be retarded. If you let a 10 year old. Ring you to tears you need to change and some help

Says the person that can't even spell. Get over yourself. Be grateful you don't have family that constantly makes a joke of your flaws. You're just as rude, if not more, than a 10 year old child.

I agree with 87. Luckily, I am close enough with my family that if a younger cousin did something like that in front of me... Well I would whoop their ass till they couldn't sit for the rest of the day.

@79 That's apples and oranges Something you can't control or change and something you can (weight) using prosthetics as an example is a cop out

Op don't let your cousins age make you feel even worse. Its just an example for you to become more stronger and confident about yourself. Having a ten year old brother, I know they have a clear understanding of the weight their comments can have.

#104: You say that as if it was so easy to lose weight. Perhaps it's out of her control, like a genetic disease, but even if not, it's no excuse to make fun of someone like this. It's also because of twats like this asshat that people are afraid to exercise to lose weight, because others will make fun of them regardless.

Time to bring out the belt

or tell him about the "affair" his parents had

A little too extreme, do to you think?

Or asked him what it's like to be such an ass

Because that sort of thing always makes kids less sadistic!

Yea just beat his ass.

Actually it's illegal to hit a child with a belt. A hand spanking would work just as well

I would have slapped him, or, even better, just walked away. You don't need to take that kind of shit, especially not from a foul-mouthed ten year old.

Nope. That 10 year old is hilarious.

Not foulmouthed at all, she didn't say he swore, just rude. Clearly OP cannot talk about her faults without getting upset; another fault in itself.

17, the fact that he brought her to tears is hardly "hilarious". There's a difference between joking around and just being rude and disrespectful.

I think "pussy" can be considered foul. usually for children is best to ignore those kind of things so they don't start doing it for attention.

Regardless of whether the kid was right or wrong, he was hilarious!

26 - It's hilarious that a 10 y/o could do that to an adult. The kid's a nasty little shit but the OP really needs to grow a thicker skin.

What the hell is wrong with half the people on this thread? That kid isn't funny at all. He's a disrespectful little shit that needs some discipline in his life. Clearly It's in short supply.

I agree with 54. How can anyone condone the behavior of the kid? I mean just because he is 10 does not mean he gets to be so disrespectful. He was not funny and should have been slapped for being so out of line.

He needs to learn some respect

Max Payne 3: I don't speak your fucking language!

I feel like I'm the only one here who understands this is a Mass Effect reference, but I don't see how it applies to this FML.

Mass effect reference because of the OP's name.

Nothing a good backhand can't fix

I don't see how tennis will help here.

I hope you smacked him... I'm sorry. I wonder if your aunt raised him to be so rude and disrespectful or if she smacked him... I hope she did.

Shoulda told his parents on him for using that kind of language. I didn't even know what "pussy" meant when I was 10.

I just thought it was another word for cat...

@8 In the case of calling someone a pussy, it isn't fowl language as it is short for pusillanimous which means coward, not a woman's genitalia as you seem to believe. Although, there is the chance he was using it in that meaning, in which case I agree with your comment.

68, either way I didn't know what it meant. As an insult or genitalia.

It's also a simple way to say pusillanimous. Pusillanimous means lacking courage or determination lol

When I was younger I thought it was just a word for a woman's parts because my friend used to say it all the time

Sounds like a terrible child. Throw away one of his action figures.

Young children these days, have no sort of filter.