By Slivered / Wednesday 18 November 2009 09:50 / Canada
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I work at a property management company, people are sick. We had to write a bylaw infraction letter to an owner for letting his dog crap in one of the elevators... he just left it there. Hi moron, there are cameras in the elevator. Anyway, sucks to be you. Most buildings have a size limit on dogs they allow in the building so at least you don't have that problem.

By  Fop

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Lol. Pictures or it didn't happen.... but mainly cause I just want to see 2 dogs being pushed along in a baby stroller. :-P

if your 2 dogs fit in a baby stroller you can carry them.I think youre exaggerating,by exaggrating I mean lying.


my dog would fit in a baby stroller but he's still heavyish (and no he's not overweight) I couldn't carry more than one of him at a time and the OP has 2 dogs...


Maybe this person has health issues that prevent them from carrying certain weight? Maybe they can't carry both dogs at the same time? Maybe you're a turd waffle?

what kind of dog do you have that you can't lift but will fit in a baby stroller? most strollers have a 50-60 lb limit I hope the doors are wide at your condo building because my dog would need a wheelbarrow. granted she's a bit over weight and is about 130lbs but still. I don't even think my cocker spaniel could fit in my sons stroller and he's only about 30lbs. but you do need to post a pic because I bet it's pretty funny to see. good luck getting them to change the policy.


I don't think the reason OP can't carry them is the weight. I think it's more "My dogs squirm and wiggle and are generally unhappy and wont let me carry them.


It's probably the fact that there are two dogs. Each dog is probably under the weight limit required by most condos, and could be carried easily on its own. But carrying two at one time is too hard.

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