By tinyfeet - 02/03/2016 03:15 - New Zealand

Today, my company told me that they refuse to buy me new safety footwear without a doctor's note, because my shoe size is three sizes smaller than the minimum size my company provides. I actually have to get my doctor to prove my shoe size. FML
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The fuck is wrong with your company?

How small are your feet???


That sucks. :/ can't believe you had to go to your doctor to validate something like that!

I had to get a doctor's note that said, yes, the poop draining out of my tube smells like poop. Companies can be stupid.

#8 Relevant username :)

Thanks. I'm outfitted with multiples, so it seemed appropriate. :)

What like clothes, you just choose which of your many profiles to use that day? :P

The fuck is wrong with your company?

How small are your feet???

A lot of places only provide down to women's 8 or some such nonsense. She probably works somewhere that's mostly guys considering she needs safety shoes, so they wouldn't bother stocking a range of women's sizes. It sucks.

A women's 8 is massive! I don't know many women who have feet bigger than a size 7. I'm a size 3.

A women's 8 isn't that strange. If you're tall, it's going to be larger than an 8. Not all women are super short.

ThatOneChick856 36

#13- Your profile says you're from England, so in the US I'm usually between 9-10, which is apparently between UK sizes 8.5-9.5. I'm not exactly short, but idk how a size 8 in either of our shoe sizes is considered massive? It's a pretty common size for plenty of people I know.

neuronerd 28

A US size 8.5 is average, and the average woman is 5'4." I have people telling me all the time I have tiny feet since I'm 5'10" and wear a 7.5-8.

I'm a size 6 and I'm 5"10. ( I can wear my seven year old sister's shoes) Whenever people see my feet they're shocked at how small they are. Size 8 is probably the most common size. Me being such an anomaly seems to prove that.

I'm 5'4 and wear a size 10 1/2.... An 8 is pretty average

What..? I'm a size 10 and most of my friends take size 9-10, some 11.

I guess I'm gonna be screwed once I enter the work force because I'm 4'11 and wear a size 5 (U.S.)

32, most places that require special shoes are construction or bowling allies. Most bowling allies have shoes that would fit you and construction usually makes you buy your own

My sister has all of these commenters beat. She's 5' 2", and wears the largest child size - 4. Very rarely, she can fit a woman's size 5.

I'm a 9 and 5'5".

36, child size 4 is equivalent to women's size 6 (I know -- it's my shoe size too), which would mean that a women's size 5, being equivalent to a child's size 3, would actually be smaller than child size 4.

I'm a US women's 5-6

I am assuming that the sizes in England are extremely different.

#32, I am literally in the same boat. 4'11, size 5 U.S. I had to buy a pair of heels for a dance, and we went everywhere and nobody had my size, I had to buy heels from the toddler section (they are cute anyways)

People always comment on how small my feet/shoes are too. I've always been a size 5 and just recently my feet grew a bit to a small size 6. I was a size 5 from age 15-26 and then all the sudden they did this small growth spurt. But I always used to buy kids 4 runners because the size 5 runners (skater shoes) always seemed to fit a bit bigger. Unfortunately there's not a lot of choices in the size 5 shoes.

@ #39 - Asked my sis about that, and she said most of her life 4 has been = to a small-end 5. But that in recent years, shoe sizes have gotten larger measurements, and in many brands she wears a 3 or 3 1/2. She calls the phenom "the invasion of the Bigfeet" and laments the loss of tiny delicate feet in the world.

Actually, in England a size 8 for a woman isn't at all common. I have size 7 feet as I'm tall, and that's pretty big.

That doesn't make any sense, your company is dumb.

Can't you just show them your shoes to prove your size?

A shoe size is a shoe size. A stupid rule is a stupid rule. Talk to your boss please. Sorry about that OP.

Make sure they foot the bill.

Yah, I know how that feels. I have been completely blind since birth, and I have had to get this proven by a doctor multiple times. The condition I have is not reversable.

How did you read this and type a response if you're blind?

Text to type

Meant to say text to speech. Windows has accessibility features that take words and put them into speech

Also, I know there are different types of blindness. I know a person who is unable to see most everything, but has a specially made laptop screen that allows her to see and use it like anyone else. I believe her eyes are unable to process photons or something? In any case, some blind people are able to see computer screens.


What the hell is the logic behind that? Like, do they assume you just told them a wrong (smaller) shoe size as a joke, so you can force your big feet into tiny shoes and stumble around the workplace?