By glens - 22/03/2012 06:17 - United States

Today, my company announced a new name. They also announced new coffee mugs with the name on them. They've not announced raises in over 3 years. FML
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Sure that sucks, but in today's economy you should just be grateful you have a job at all!

well that sorta sucks but the pay must be decent enough for you to be there for over 3 years..


well that sorta sucks but the pay must be decent enough for you to be there for over 3 years..

Or they are barely making enough to get by as it is, making it impossible for them to leave the company for a lower paying job that will have raises in the future.

Why announce raises... As long as you get one :)

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I announce raises in my pants hourly to my employees... Not one is as enthused about it as I am.

Yea #34, Because people obviously don't give a **** about how much they earn when prices are raising exponentially in this shitty economy.

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Company name change: $10,000 New coffee mugs for underpaid staff: $5,000 Keeping underpaid staff around in hopes they get a raise: priceless

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60 you're 15 I don't think you understand what it takes to switch jobs

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So it sounds like op needs to get off fml and start asking for a raise

Sounds like op is just a shit worker that isn't worth a raise.

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What's wrong with coffee mugs?! Hell I'll buy one.

Sure that sucks, but in today's economy you should just be grateful you have a job at all!

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So ******* true. I wonder what type of benefits op gets...

This is true, I am a recent college grad doing nothing with my field of study, but just grateful to have a job. Wish there were more opportunities out there

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Buying a bunch of mugs is cheap compared to raising everyone's salary, which is unfortunate for you.

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You obviously haven't worked at McDonald's before.

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I disagree. In this economy, you should take what you can get. If you work hard at McDonald's, you can become manager. I've heard they make pretty good money. Don't feel like you're above flipping patties.

No way. I've worked at McDonald's for a year now, and it's terrible. Managers have it even worse. Plus it takes at least a year to become a manager; unless your store doesn't have very many. In that time you could definitely get a better job.

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That was your choice to work at McDonalds. Not my fault. 23- I don't plan to which is why I try hard in school. Don't need the lecture.

Mcdonalds is not a job, a job is something that you can support yourself with. At best that place would be considered a work reference. Plus manager promotions only net you about $1.50 more and hour and usually pigeonhole you into an even less affordable healthcare package. But hey! At least you'll have dental!!

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Some people will take anything to support their lives. To be honest if I had a choice to be homeless or work at mcdonalds-I would work at mcdonalds.. at least I have a roof over my head, at least a meal a day. No one wants to die on the streets of starvation...diseases. Whatever the cause may be. NO ONE. Unless you're an idiot.

I dont recall blaming you for anything, so I don't know what you are ranting about. Plus you're 16... The fact that you have advice on life makes me laugh.

Time to look for a new job maybe? but you should be thankful you have a job at least and you even got a coffee mug!!

The main reason for a new company name is that they are trying to start over so they can regain the trust of the costumers. So OP just be glad that you aren't fired yet in this economic crisis.

Customers. Costumers is completely different.

HEY! Those guys make holloween possible! Give credit where it is due!!

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On the bright side, at least you're still getting paid.