By mahlee - 06/10/2009 04:32 - United States

Today, my college roomate and I received our first pieces of mail. We were very excited because our mailbox wasn't empty anymore. She got a package of home baked cookies in the mail from her family. I got a letter from a stranger in prison. FML
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Oh well, at least you got mail.

Well what did he say?


Oh well, at least you got mail.

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well op? was it a 'good letter'

crap by accident I thumbed it down, *THUMBS UP*

HA you got spam

lol, you totally made my night with this comment

Well what did he say?

Today I recieved a letter from my long lost daughter. she told me not to write her anymore, because I'm a " stranger" i'm in prison. she was 16 when I was arrested... FML

Awe. That comment made me sad D; .

hahahha better than nothing i guess.

Sometimes no news really is good news . . .

Why are you freaking out about mail in the first place?

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I agree with #7.. What? is this your first peice of mail ever? geez, get a life. oh! and putting exclamation points after everything! can be realy annoying!

It's true, it's better than nothing...

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I wish I got a letter from a stranger in prison. All my from-prison mail is perfectly genuine ... FAIL!

you probably deserved it! for the really annoying way!!!!! !!one! you use too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!