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Today, my co-workers figured out that I was in high school when my husband was in kindergarten. They won't stop calling me a "cougar". FML
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That saying is just going to come with that territory, just go with it.


Shut up you kittie!

Agreed - as long as you weren't in high school and he wasn't in kindergarten when the relationship actually began go for it and own it!

Listen up Cat; you're not the boss of me-ow!

its ok my dad is 14years older than my mother... I call him a pedo. just joke with it. laugh with them they will stop.

40- my uncle was in college when my aunt was born. Theyre happily in love, so it doesn't bother us.

On the other hand a man who goes after a younger woman is simply called ....a man. Giggity.

So that could be only 9 years......

9 years at the least OP didn't say what year of high school

SkyGuy32 17

#119 and #130, wouldn't it be interesting if they discovered that OP babysat her husband? That would most certainly be awkward.

Better than a cradle robber lol

That saying is just going to come with that territory, just go with it.

Yup. My husband is six years older than me and gets jokes about "robbing the cradle" from his friends, so it's pretty much a guarantee that a bigger age gap will get those jokes too. Laugh it off, OP; not much else you can do about it.

TorturedXeno 27

2 - last I heard, cougars are very defensive of their territory.

I don't even know how this is an FML - it's basically the same as, "Today my friend called me a poopy-head after I went to the bathroom." Big friggin deal, get over it!

My boyfriend gets jokes like that from his friends, and we're only 2 years apart.

Depends on your age #104. If you're 16 and he's 18 that's a sizeable difference. If you were 32 and 30 noone would comment. Even 6 years is very little by that time...

So does OP's husband.

nothing wrong with true love. Rawr~

Spoken like a true pedophile Emo.

Random comment but I LOVE YOUR HAIR. probably going to get downvoted though lol...

The easiest way to get them to stop using a nickname you don't like is to own it, just act like it doesn't bother you.

Me and my boyfriend are just a year and 2 months apart and I get called cougar all the time. Mostly because he was still in high school when I started dating him and I'm in college. I think the perspective changes the older you get. It's more acceptable to be that 'far apart' when you are older but for example a 14 year old dating a 19 year old is considered wrong because of laws. I think the nickname is thrown around whenever.


Yes, thank you. We didn't get it the first time.

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103- you're a dumbass. This is a public site... everyone's opinion is atomatically included. Fucking Duh

I pictured the Commentor yelling ERROR! At his computer.

Why is everyone saying YDI?! As long as they're both consensual adults then why shouldn't they be together?

Totally! My parents are ten years apart but they r just fine!

I think it's more of a "YDI" because she IS a cougar

I think she deserves it. Doesn't mean I think she's wrong or doing something bad.

There's nothing wrong with being a cougar though. In fact there's a market out there for fine young men that like older women. I already promised myself if I'm still aingle at fourty I will absolutely keep a boy toy around the house!

YDI meaning "you deserve the jokes." I don't think there's a single thing wrong with what they're doing, but you can't complain when people make obvious jokes. It's just gonna happen.

I did it because everybody else did it. The pressure, man.

Tell them "I'm not a cougar! I'm a MILF ;)" (if you have kids)

When you're older, such a huge age difference shouldn't matter as much. OP if I were you and the only thing I got called was a cougar, I'd be grateful. FYL

But you are. That means you've still got it ;)