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Have your supervisor speak to him about it.

That's guys for ya. You blink at them wrong and they think you're in love with them.


haw, creeper!

You should go along with it, and pretend like you're in love with him.

have funnnnn OP!

Just sleep with him. Solution solved.

Wow, he is too full of himself.

^^ agreed lol total creeper!!

He obviously didn't want to be with you! take a hint.

He obviously didn't want to be with you! take a hint.


13- That would be fucked up.

13- You're the kind of chick who'd lead a guy on for fun, aren't you? Die alone. 22- You can't technically solve a solution.

58, No, I'm not actually. Also, I was kidding. But it would be funny if she did that to him, just because he's so obviously full of himself. I also seriously doubt that I'm going to die alone. You probably will though. :)

Wow this guy is full of himself ^^^ agree, you should go along with it so he can realize what a douche he really is.

58 and 60 - Since you're both acting like you're in your teenage years still, I will assume that this is the case. Neither one of you know anything about the other. Kindly keep the childish comments either to yourselves or message each other via PM. Thanks.

May as well make it fun while it lasts?

maybe it's reverse psychology. he wants you to gtfo, OP.

"2 more weeks go" ? That's kind of a fail. I think OP meant, "Two more weeks *to* go." Oh well..

62 it is like that you fucktard

62, you're a fucking idiot.

Have your supervisor speak to him about it.

But that's just the easy, simple, mature answer. What she should do is make out with other people in front of him, meeting his sullen eyes mid tonsil hockey.

you must want me too because you told me that.

haha good luck

Haha well somebody's a dumbass. :)

Love is in the air.

I sure hope he doesn't randomly take his pants off one day..:o