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Today, my class was given the assignment to have an informal discussion, debating who would be the best fit for president of the US. The school's security guards were called in after the Trump supporters started fights with everyone else. FML
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Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?

Obama is black and Trump is orange so, Orange is the new black?


Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?

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I think OP is in the US and wants to move to Canada to avoid Trump supporters

Well Canada is literally right above the states. Our economies affect each other quite drastically. And political affiliations affect the U.S. economy quite a bit.

#12. Yes... Because Hong Kong is in the US. Also, here in the UK we also discuss US politics a lot. Even more than we do the politics of other countries. Ireland, for example. I bet most people in the UK don't know who the Irish President is or what party they are from without Googling it.

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#12 Op could be using a VPN on his phone that's connected to a Hong Kong server when he posted the fml. I did the same thing.

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Trump appeals to the kind of people who would belittle opponents and start a fight when cornered with logic and evidence against him.

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#16 #27 I can't even see where OP is from. It does't show up on my phone

Honestly I think that trump was joking around running for president and now is goal is to **** our country over

That's the kind of thinking that sparks them to be violent.

That is exactly the problem, just like in Chicago the liberals disrupted enough for them to cancel the rally. I'm not saying Trump is good or bad but Soros and the Move On organization are the ones that violated Trumps 1st amendment right of free speech and they are proud of it.

Oooh, an accurate miniature political population sample! How quaint.

Obama is black and Trump is orange so, Orange is the new black?

Fitting because with trump as president prisons will have an even more disproportionate number of minorities.

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Never piss off a Trump supporter. Just look at what happened at the U of I. rally.

Yeah look what happened a bunch of liberal anti Trump supporters pulled a terrorist act and violated Trumps civil rights mamely the 1st amendment protection of free speech. And they were proud of it. SMH

Trump 2016! He's making America wetter again and focusing on us!

As long as he makes sure that California gets the most wet, God knows those folks need it!

Yay! At last, there is debate. But, honestly, Trump would be a bad president.

It is a fact, honey. If you actually looked at the things he said, you'd see how amazingly bad he would be as president. He's pretty bold, I'd give him that, but honestly, honeybuns, he just knows business, not how to run a complex country.

What a stupid comment. No, not everything in politics is opinion. Also your condescension is really unnecessary.

Well you were right. He is a bad president

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That's what happens when people supports someone who promotes so much hate.