By anon - 15/07/2011 01:51 - United States

Today, my child was refusing to leave the playground. I had to pry her, screaming and crying, from the monkey bars. I then realized I had been assaulting someone else's kid. FML
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you can't tell the difference between your own child? Sad.

allitaylor 4

bet her parents loved you for that..


allitaylor 4

bet her parents loved you for that..

Way to scar the child!

dummbrunette 0

The little kids parents did love OP after that. The little kid was simply stuck on the monkey bars, screaming and begging for help. OP was just in time and came to the rescue! :-)

How the hell can't you tell the difference between your kid and someone else's kid?

Today, I was having a great time on the monkey bars until a crazy woman came and pried me from it. FML

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ahaha wow. i can't help but feel sorry for your child for having you as a parent. the least you could do still it him/her apart from other children before grabbing them...

I agree with 38, op must be dumb as fuck, to not know how her own child looks, dumbass

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Nice moustachio,I once had one until that fucking bowser burnt it off! Wario still hasn't stopped making fun of me...mama mia!

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I bet her real child was sitiing in the corner where no one can see her, face-palming.

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ydi for assulting a child

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shit OP put a bell on ur kid to not be confused

In all seriousness, screw you. In all jokes and laughs: Haha rofl you're so dumb! Are you blonde/Muslim extremist?

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LOL op is a stupid fuck. I'ma lol if I see a fml like " today after raising my child for 18 years I realized I took the wrong kid from the park, I thought she was just mad when she repeatedly told me I wasn't her mom FML"

I agree, like wtf

JennaMason 6

you're all judgmental fucks. she never said that she grabbed her from the front. for all you know she grabbed her from the back and thought it was her daughter based on hair colour or something.

I think #150 needs to relax a bit ...

did the op not dress her kid because, I'm sure the kids were wearing different clothes and the kids probably have different voicesj

I bet your child was too embarrassed to say anything

herroeverybody 0

they all look the same these days.

I think the worse part is that the other parent didn't notice that thier kid was being molested on the playground.

this will not end well

juicedboi 7

Even without a clear view of the face how the hell do you not notice that the kid you are grabbing has different clothes than the kid you had 5min ago.

raelynn00 4

uh 150 do u realize ur calling ppl something that u urself just proved u do? I think u may fit the dumb blonde persona

-150 Do you know what emotional damage that child could have just gone through!? Seriously these are the things that make people have phobias about cars following them and afraid to take a step outside. Even if it was an accident I hope the parent saw and sued that dumb idiot.

No matter what why she grabbed the child, she should have made sure it was her's first. And been able to remember what her kid was wearing. You should know things like that when you take your children to public places.

you can't tell the difference between your own child? Sad.

Symmetry88 0

maybe she was running away...if my parents assulted someone I didn't know who was my age, then I would go running for the hills

OMG, so true #4, how can you mistake your child for someone else's? I wonder what the parent thought of that.

What I mean, is the other kid's parent, not op.

how the fuck did you not notice it wasnt your kid? do you just go randomly grabbing untill you find the right one?

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OP should put a leash on it's child that way they won't confuse her own for someone else's

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wow. OP's such an amazing parent! what a lucky kid she has. e.o

for some reason i just have this image of OP realising this because her actual child sudenly pops up beside him/her asking what the hell is going on.

Tell the difference is a comparison, you didn't compare anything.

princessjes23 6

how the crap does that happen?!?

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124-You got a lil somethin..there...on your face

You can't even recognize your own child? Hair? Clothes? You weren't being very watchful.

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bad parent or petifile??

so whats you secret?

IphonFML 6

ya do u not tell ur child from other kids :S

Actually, it's spelled 'pedophile'. Lmfao.

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Idiot >.

you should know ur own kid

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learn how to spell. its pedophile not petifile.

That's good parenting skills.

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mother of the year

woah kids carry rape whistles you have to watch out

well, doesnt everyone ?

not the ugly people

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how would you know

I can understand that sometimes you can get confused on how they look, but if it was crying, couldn't you have noticed thats not how your kid cries/sounds?

I loved how you said it. Not he, she, or they.

Oh, but she did say "they". By the way OPs child is a girl.

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flockz 19

child molester. good excuse though op.

I bet that kid was all like "who the fuck is this lady?" and probably pissed his/her pants.

what does op mean??

You can't tell the difference between your own child and a complete strangers child? I bet you looked like an idiot.