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  dummbrunette  |  0

The little kids parents did love OP after that. The little kid was simply stuck on the monkey bars, screaming and begging for help. OP was just in time and came to the rescue! :-)

  dcam13  |  19

ahaha wow. i can't help but feel sorry for your child for having you as a parent. the least you could do still it him/her apart from other children before grabbing them...

  Alex94xela  |  0

LOL op is a stupid fuck.
I'ma lol if I see a fml like
" today after raising my child for
18 years I realized I took the wrong
kid from the park, I thought she was
just mad when she repeatedly told me
I wasn't her mom FML"

  JennaMason  |  6

you're all judgmental fucks. she never said that she grabbed her from the front. for all you know she grabbed her from the back and thought it was her daughter based on hair colour or something.

  juicedboi  |  7

Even without a clear view of the face how the hell do you not notice that the kid you are grabbing has different clothes than the kid you had 5min ago.

  Iamnotmyself  |  17

-150 Do you know what emotional damage that child could have just gone through!? Seriously these are the things that make people have phobias about cars following them and afraid to take a step outside. Even if it was an accident I hope the parent saw and sued that dumb idiot.

  percy_22  |  5

No matter what why she grabbed the child, she should have made sure it was her's first. And been able to remember what her kid was wearing. You should know things like that when you take your children to public places.