By baxeh - 27/02/2014 22:42 - Sweden - Stockholm

Today, my cat pissed all over my work clothes. They weren't even on the floor, she knocked the hanger down just so she could use them as a toilet. FML
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Your cats IQ is incredible

Don't you mean "pissessed"?


aww so sorry op..i think its time to train her! well atleast its not on the floor right?

Actually, I think it's time that op learned a bit more about cats :/ I'm not saying this to be mean or to be a bitch, I'm just trying to help! Cats often pee on stuff because they're unsatisfied with something. Maybe the cat wants more playtime, maybe it wants to be able to climb more in the apartment, maybe it's another cat that keeps coming around and threatening its territory, maybe it feels like you don't change it's litter as often as you should. Op, you should look into those things, I think it could (but I'm not saying that it will) really help you! Good luck! :)

She wants them to smell like her. That's why cats rub against your legs as well. Try wearing your work clothes around your cat before/after work so she can rub against and scent them. Way better than her peeing on em

#26 cats are just assholes, to be honest.

Mine did the same thing, but I think it was the litter. 3 cats one box, not the best equation so we got two little ones and fixed the solution. Then the landlord was an ass and said to get rid of the cats.

One of my cats (I have five) kept pissing/shitting outside one of the litter boxes, turns out I wasn't changing it enough for her liking. I have another cat that literally climbs the wall, but that's another story.

Your cats IQ is incredible

Fuck this, fuck that, fuck this thing in particular

I think she might be possessed

Don't you mean "pissessed"?

Or pussessed?

Time to move your things around and teach her not to do something like that.

More evidence that cats are evil :P

Or that they'll go to desperate lengths for attention.

just like girls

Fortunately girls don't pee all over your stuff.

Your cat should join MENSA.

Cats are smart

New, and improved litter box.