By Anonymous - 15/12/2014 16:07 - Australia

Today, my cat let out the biggest moan I have ever heard, while we were both in the living room. My dad heard and accused me of watching porn. FML
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Sounds like your dad has a guilty conscious

How does a cat moan sound the same to a human moan? That's what I want to know


Sounds like your dad has a guilty conscious

JuliaaNoelle 26

#3, I think #1 meant that if OP's dad jumps straight to that conclusion, he must be guilty of watching porn.

T_Young96 13

Well someone knows a pussy when they here one..

#13 let's be real... who isn't "guilty" of watching porn? Everyone does it, nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn't turn into a literal addiction.

RedPillSucks 31

while i agree that theres nothing wrong with it in moderation, not "everybody" does it.

Conscious and conscience are two different things

I think your cat set you up, OP. She probably walked away with a smirk because her plan came into fruition.

a rather astute observation for one so young. you are going places others will not understand.

He probably was just mad that he can't et anything to moan with him in the room. Besides everyone knows you watch porn in the kitchen when people are home not in the living room.

Hmm, so that wasn't just mayonnaise I wiped off the floor, was it?

How does a cat moan sound the same to a human moan? That's what I want to know

I see you have never been in touch with cats in heat.

Or maybe #4's first thought wasn't "can't wait to see what my cats moan sounds like"

Porn stars don't sound the same as a human moan either

Only you would know that

Dodge4x4Ram 46

that's some loud house pussy cat you got their

Your dad has heard some weird ass moans

"Ass moans?" I always just called them farts.

RedPillSucks 31


No I swear it was the cat! - not a believable excuse.

Either your dad is stupid or he was right and you were watching porn

Or the cat moaned and that's why this is an FML.

MrFluff 9

Cat porn? Ironic my name is MrFluff. Watching me maybe?

"We" being your dad and yourself or you and the cat?