By Anonymous - United States - Boise
Today, my cat brought home a bloody, barely-living mouse. The thing managed to escape and dragged itself into a crack in the wall, where it must have died. The only way to get it out before it starts to stink up the place is by demolishing the wall. FML
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  LuckBeNimble  |  19

26: incorrect. "mouse in the house" is, if I'm not mistaken, basketball terminology referring to a highly skilled defender that is significantly smaller in stature than his counterpart.

  ksks1234  |  33

They have some deodorants that can be placed in caskets, mausoleums, etc. (places where there will be decomposition) to help with the smell. Maybe that is what the previous poster meant.

By  trex454  |  21

mice are pretty small and tend to die and decay in most homes completely unnoticed. just patch whatever crack it got in and call it a good days work. you wont smell anything

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

Whenever do any work in walls you tend to find dead mice, and no one has ever smelt them, your house is a fairly dry environment and the mouse is tiny so the decay won't be significant, it's more likely to end up a bit desiccated. Just leave it there it won't do any harm


And this is why I don't own cats.

In all seriousness, however, I was doing some demolition in my office last week and found a nest of mice - at least four skeletons - in the wall. Never had a clue they died there. Rats can be big enough to stink, but mice are relatively odourless when they pass.

  KryssLB  |  14

Yup, that's what I was going to say. Mice don't have much moisture in their bodies, so when they die, they tend to just dry out and mummify with no smell.

So I honestly wouldn't worry about it, OP. It won't smell. You can safely ignore it. :)

By  GrumpyGrinch  |  23

If you don't need that crack in the wall for some special purpose (eavesdropping on neighbors or something) then you can just take some cement and close the crack. No smell and repaired home.