By Cold - 17/12/2012 05:08 - United States - Richmond

Today, my car window got smashed in. The cop that came to take the report said they'd already caught the guy doing it, he'd smashed in several other car windows, all of the exact same model and color. His reason for doing it was simple: he was drunk and "hated red Jeeps". FML
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Go home Red Jeep hater! You're drunk!

The guy at my work that drives a red jeep is an absolute twat. If you're him, YDI. If not, FYL OP, that's a shitty thing to have to deal with around the Holiday Season


they better not make you pay for that

^ I agree. Especially since they actually caught the guy.

Insurance covers vandalism. So op is good. If op doesn't have insurance he/she is screwed.

Bakunin, Not always!

I had to replace the windshield in my jeep. Only cost about $50-60.

well if you don't have Insurence on your car in the first place that a bad thing. I know that at least in New York state you are required to have car insurence, but I don't know if it is that way for other states, and obviously other countries are going to be different as well.

Well, it makes sense

When someone damages your property, aren't they obliged to make reparation? Police caught him, right?

Go home Red Jeep hater! You're drunk!


How many red jeeps can be in a single neighborhood?

Maybe a good red jeep salesman stopped by that neighborhood

Don't fret too much man. Insurance will probably cover it.

No the drunk dude should pay for it!

bamagrl410 31

Typically in a situation like this, the drunk guy's insurance will have to pay for it because the jeep owners can file a claim

Lets hope that insurance covers it. You don't exactly deserve it.


The guy at my work that drives a red jeep is an absolute twat. If you're him, YDI. If not, FYL OP, that's a shitty thing to have to deal with around the Holiday Season

How many red jeeps could he have possibly stumbled upon while walking around drunk?

Possibly whilst drunk, the Red Jeep Smasher was unable to discern between a genuine Red Jeep or other forms of red 4-wheel drive.

So what you're saying is you didn't read the fml? It says they were all the same.

Then it does seem a bit unlikely, unless it was either a Jeep dealer or a meeting of Red Jeep Owners of Virginia.

Now that's a thought.

Oh man don't tell me I missed the meeting again! They're going to think I went and got a new vehicle and betrayed them.

Yeah, screw you man! Joe was convinced you sold us out for those Land Rovers!

32- is it just a mere accident that your profile picture is a red jeep, and you're from Virginia?

Just went by Joe's place to show off my new Red Land Rover. Dude wasn't home so I slashed his tires and drove off.

how does one slash the tires of a car a person presumably used to leave their home and hence not be home while you visited? Joe wouldn't ride in his wife's prius ever, lets all admit slashing a priuses tires is a favor to the red jeep community. RJC FOR LIFE!

Kind of like that episode from criminal minds... It may turn out that he killed his wife in a crash.

I don't think so.

I was totally being serious when I said that.

Was totally in my mind too, 7!

Pleonasm would be an excellent addition to the police force:')

You wouldn't happen to know the guy's number, do you? As soon as he gets out of jail, I got a job for him. My neighbor has an annoying habit of always parking his bright red Jeep halfway in my driveway so that I can only get my door open barely enough to get in.

I'm afraid of the dark! What can I smash?

In a movie one guy would burn all red scooters because his pet was killed by it. Maybe the drunk guy has a story behind it.

See your comments are crazy, you must be on drugs, you should sober up and get your head out of the clouds.

apparently 29 needs a reality check.