By Cold - / Monday 17 December 2012 05:08 / United States - Richmond
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well if you don't have Insurence on your car in the first place that a bad thing. I know that at least in New York state you are required to have car insurence, but I don't know if it is that way for other states, and obviously other countries are going to be different as well.


how does one slash the tires of a car a person presumably used to leave their home and hence not be home while you visited? Joe wouldn't ride in his wife's prius ever, lets all admit slashing a priuses tires is a favor to the red jeep community. RJC FOR LIFE!

You wouldn't happen to know the guy's number, do you? As soon as he gets out of jail, I got a job for him. My neighbor has an annoying habit of always parking his bright red Jeep halfway in my driveway so that I can only get my door open barely enough to get in.


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