By Bladerunner - United States
Today, my car was towed. After taking a cab all the way to the lot for $45 and paying the $250 fee to get my car back, my car broke down in the impound lot and needed to be towed to the nearest shop, where it took another $200 to fix, and $50 for the towing. I still have a 3 hour drive home. FML
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By  Badab1ng  |  5

Use this as a pickup line in a bar. "yea I have this car, it's a classic and needs Alot of work, but it's okay because I have plenty of money". Girls can't resist a guy with a car and money. Unless you look like Gary Busey, in which case I'm sorry.

  Takuya272727  |  16

I heard it's cheaper to hire a tow truck than a cab. 15¢ per few minutes for cab if I recall, and 10¢ per few minutes for tow truck. This was a while back though, information does change.

By  shift_love  |  13

Chevy! Built to under perform! Better luck on your next vehicle. Maybe the tow company sabotaged your car in cahoots with the shop to make some extra money.


Chevy hasn't been good in a long time unfortunately. Ford has stepped up there quality of trucks though, in order to compete with Nissan's Titan, and Toyota's Tundra.
Not sure about Chevy's quality of trucks though.

  shift_love  |  13

57, I'm not sure what you meant by 10. But I'm a die hard Nissan enthusiast. Hence the name shift_love. Nissans ad campaign revolves around "shift_(whatever)".