By Ro - 05/10/2010 02:39 - United States

Today, my car was stolen. I got it back later without the engine, any of the wheels or my brand new radio and speakers. They even took my car mats. FML
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FFML_314 11

Not the car mats! Time to beat some ass.

Hump_Zilla 0

look at the can still sit in it and make "vroom vroom" noises


FFML_314 11

Not the car mats! Time to beat some ass.

MissGrinch 4

^Rolling on laughing floor? Edit: iicaptain, I saw that.

You can always go steal someone else's car mats. Everyone's doing it. -Fluffy McTiger

MissGrinch 4


Car mats are like the shizz. They really are assholes for stealing that.

55 calm down or i'll go steal yo' car mats

Did he leave his shirt there? if he did then he is really dumb.

wtf? y the hell would they give it back? they coulda sold the rest of it вапще педйки

john7h567hgrd 0

@bluewaffle ...what are you talking about

john7h567hgrd 0

@bluewaffle ...what are you talking about

xXshotsXx 0

just look for ur rims I be t you will find it

breenarae25 0

aww, no more driving or listening to radio talk..

I hate talk radio

damn car mat prices are STILL going up?!

Hump_Zilla 0

look at the can still sit in it and make "vroom vroom" noises

FYLDeep 25

Where'd my comment go? Anyway, there's also a much better chance of not getting into an accident while giving road head.

FAIL it was always there god didnt want the world to see your response.

89-your just sad cuz u look like Justin bieber

FYLDeep 25

It seems to only show up about half the time.

well atleast you got it back :)

those bastards!

Ummm YDI if you don't have insurance!

rpvia 0

oh damn they got the car mats, the most expensive hello kitty floor mats

SirWhatsHisFace 0

As long as they didn't take the weed you're fine.

At least you save some money not having to buy a new frame...?

kwmfl 4

i love the pic. everything makes sense now!

shortyshort21 0


MagicGiraffe 12

and he saved even more if he took those 15 minutes :D

What did I tell you about these cars you humans value so much? They're dangerous and you'll end up emotionally wrecked when another of your species steals it from you. -Fluffy McTiger

shut up... you're not a tiger!!!

But you sir, are an A hole. I don't see the problem here. -Fluffy McTiger

Just be yourself! You post funny stuff like "steal their car mats everyone is doing it" then turn around and ruin it with this shit which isn't the least bit funny.

I like to ruin it though. ._. That's the point of pretending to be a tiger. I didn't get attention when I was human. -Fluffy McTiger

MissGrinch 4

EffinAHole, there are many species here, including a depressed Android and a witty Earth. Lighten up! Is it too dark inside your hole?

MissGrinch doesn't want my secret out! :D -Fluffy McTiger

MissGrinch 4

What secret?

Exactly, small one, exactly. -Fluffy McTiger

What? That you're actually a stuffed tiger at the bottom of my toy chest? How did you get internet access in there? You don't have thumbs. Get off the computer! Silly tiger.

Muscle_Car_Fan 0

Stop being such a douche bag!! Your not a frickin tiger!

Tikwichka 5

But he's holding/chewing a laptop! Are you saying the picture is fake?! I BELIEVE IN YOU FLUFFY!