By nicklesg - 23/6/2009 23:05 - United States
Today, my car was impounded because I never registered it in California after moving here. In order to get it back, I need to register it. In order to register it, I need to pass a CA smog check. In order to pass the smog check, I need my car. FML
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  Bryan_Z  |  0

You comment makes no sense whatsoever, because if they were all "gay" they would've overturned prop 8.
Actually why am I bothering to try and talk common sense into a complete idiot.

  Lisimal  |  7

1: You must live in some shitty place to say that. I feel sorry for you..cus CALIFORNIA is the best state. So stop trying to convince yourself that it sucks.


You know what I'm tired of ignorant dumb fucks. Say whatever you want about Cali. It's isn't the best state, but there is so much diversity and that's beautiful. Ignorance is just proves that you are intolerant and that you don't get the concept of being human especially not an American. Gay, straight, black, Asian, white, Latinos, Indian, and all the other things in between shouldn't matter. Proposition 8 is a fucking joke and so are the people who support it. If you support it you are a pathetic moron who needs a life and I will tell you why. Proposition 8 won on lies and the majority of prop 8 supporters were people who voted for Obama, and blacks. Most McCain supporters were against prop 8. True Californians are lazy, because they didn't do the research. In my opinion a group of individuals who votes to opress another group from basic rights, is scum for a reason. I voted for Obama (biggest mistake of my life), and I will never vote for him again. The only reason Hillary didn't run against McCain was because sexism is much stronger than racism. For the homophobes who voted for prop 8, you need to mind your own damn business. My marriage does not affect you just like yours doesn't affect me. You just need to piss off people to get your sick thrill. Marriage is about love. Don't argue this because I will seriously rip you a new asshole with my words. Domestic partnership does not have 2,000 benefits that marriage does. Too much hate in this damn country. I am proud to live in this country, but this country isn't all glorious like people say it is. When we call stop being ignorant and worrying about our own lives, that's when we will be able to live to the fullest extent.

and for the OP YDI. Stop being so lazy. California is getting to you too soon. I don't feel bad for you the least bit.

  nongravis  |  0

Passing judgement on California based on the actions of the California DMV is like judging the Roman Empire based on the alleged acts of Caligula or Nero, or judging the entirety of US history based on the younger Bush.

Almost everyone in California knows that the DMV is utterly horrid, an insane bureaucracy with labyrinthine regulations that its own incompetent employees don't understand, and thus interpret arbitrarily and inconsistently. The entire system of interacting with the DMV seems to be built upon waiting in line in order to receive a form, then filling out the form in an office with no tables, and then waiting in line to reach a person at a computer, so that they can read the form and type in what you just wrote, often using only one finger.

I know one person who went into an office to take a test for a particular licence, only to be told that she couldn't because she didn't already have another type of licence. When she pointed out that they were wrong, they read the regulations again, apologized, and noted concernedly that they had incorrectly refused licences to everyone who had come in to that office before...

  nikki1001  |  0

No, no it does not.

Learn like, one thing about NJ please, before you start running around like everyone else who knows nothing about it, saying it sucks.

  Sora8745  |  2

@160: You are absolutely right. I voted against Prop 8 (well, not sure if it was against, I can't remember, all I know is that I voted to let gays marry), because just because of who their true love is doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same rights as straight people. My parents voted to make gays not be able to marry, because "God created Man to get married to Women, not other Men." I'm all "Okay, look, two things here: 1. Some people don't believe in God, as in Atheists (of which I am one), and 2. Evolution has been proven, there is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever to prove some big bearded man in the sky created everything. No evidence at all."

And back to the FML, YDI for not registering it as soon as you got to California. Unless it was impounded within 3 days of you moving to California, YDI.

  KumoFF7  |  3

I agree with you #160 on everything but Prop 8 being supported by Obama lovers. The majority of people I know who supported prop 8 were unreasonable, idiotic Christian fanatics who voted for McCain. I voted for Obama and I'm glad, even though he's not doing the greatest job he's still doing 10x better than McCain would have done.

  Melodious  |  0

YOU are a fucking ass. If someone loves another of the same gender, they deserve to be together. Love is fucking love, no matter the fucking preference. Fuck religion, fuck everything. FUCK IT.

  monkey314159  |  0

uhh... way to tangent. Also the thought of Hillary Clinton being president makes me sick. And in this country a woman can never gain a powerful status? *cough* Oprah *cough* Well... at least a lesbian woman will never gain a powerful status. Oh wait, *cough* Ellen Degeneraes *cough*.

  vikingtrail  |  0

I'm not saying evolution isn't true. But is hasn't been proven (not even close). Even if it was, that doesn't mean there can't be a designer behind it. So I don't see the point in bringing it up. But yeah, the whole bearded man in the sky thing is just silly. I don't think anyone really believes that haha


I love California, and a lot of people clearly do since it is the most populous state. I agree some parts of it are just like any other state, the state is both socially and geographically diverse. You can meet a lot of different and interesting people, and it has any climate/ setting you could want. The laws are a bunch of bullshit, and there is a lot of PC crap to deal with. But you cannot say the whole state sucks, any state has good in it, you just need to pull the stick out of your ass and look at something other than the bad.

  EMR_fml  |  0

The problem here may be that Cali only gives you 20 days to register. Most states give anywhere from 30 to 90 to register so the OP likely thought he had more time. So FHL life for living in a state with so many F'd up rules.

  FarSide  |  22

And that is a problem because....? Its not convenient for you? 3 weeks is not enough time for you to take care of necessary business? You thought you would just move to CA and that the State would ignore and set aside the vehicle laws for you? The laws that most of the 35,000,000 CA residents subscribe to and obey.

Oh... right... you are special. And arrogant. And Owned. And now have a FML.

  EMR_fml  |  0

I never said 3 weeks was not enough time. I said it was less time than almost every other state in the union. The OP probably previously lived in a state that gave you 30 days to register and thought it would be the same in Cali, so he woud've had at least another week to get it done. And honestly everybody puts off going to the DMV as long as possible.

  Leptailurus  |  0

Takes forever?

The smog check takes like, 45 minutes tops. Registration itself took me 30 minutes. Anyone who can't take a little over an hour out of 20 days after they moved into the state deserves to have their car impounded. Really. You take that kind of thing into consideration when moving to a different state. And if you don't then... well, you have to accept the consequences. :/

  mattmag  |  0

Exactly. Don't you get a few months' grace period when you move to a new state? I'm pretty sure that's how it worked when I moved to Florida.

By  Atropos_fml  |  0

Well, it depends on how long you've lived there. If you just moved there, YLIF. If you've been there a while and are just too damn lazy, YDI.
Although, I think it's the latter of the two situations. This should have been taken care of.