By Anonymous - 19/08/2015 13:54 - Norway - Oslo

Today, my car is being repaired, so I had to catch a bus to work. When the bus came, the driver pulled toward the curb and gunned it through a large puddle of water, then pulled away and continued down the road, leaving me soaking wet. FML
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what a dick call the bus company and report his ass


That was a splashing start to your day.

I call bs, don't think it happened the way op is describing it

I see what you did there ↑

What a jerk.

what an asshole of a man. no more words for him this time

He gave you a free shower! But seriously, scumbag driver.

Now's the time to contact whoever runs the bus service in your area and report them, but I'm sure you've already done that, right??

True, at least here in NY, a driver has to stop to pick you up, I think he can complain ( Granted, I don't know his location).

what a dick call the bus company and report his ass

AnOriginalName 19

.... And report the rest of him, too.

Rookie mistake

not a mistake, just an asshat move by the driver.

lexiieeex3 32

I have to take the bus every day and that happened to me on my way to work once only I was and I was wearing a white dress... Not a good time.

That rare moment when an FML has no 'You Deserved it' But seriously FYL report that driver and make him pay.

Oh don't worry, they are coming.