By ScrewedForCheapBag - United States - Sacramento
Today, my car got broken into. A small folded plastic bag and a few toothpicks I got from a restaurant were stolen. It's going to cost me a few hundred bucks to fix and clean my car over a 10 cent bag and a few free toothpicks. FML
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  iMuffinKat  |  16

Think about it this way, Op - would you have rather they steal something valuable AND break your window? Or just deal with the window and lose the toothpicks.

By  perdix  |  29

They probably thought it was your weed in the plastic bag.

And if they had beef jerky stuck between their teeth, they may have been desperate enough to break into your car to get a toothpick. Lesson for today, kids: Don't eat beef jerky unless you have easy access to floss and a Water-pik!

By  curlstar  |  6

Wow you must have a good memory. I'd never notice if that kind of crap went missing from my car. At least you're not spending the rest of your life asking yourself, "What did they take?!"