By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Godalming
Today, my car broke down. My dad insisted he could fix it, but screwed up in the process. After finally getting the car towed to a mechanic, I was told that I'd only needed a new water pump, but thanks to the damage my dad did, fixing it all will cost me a small fortune. FML
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By  lissa_jade  |  22

I hope your dad brought his wallet then!

By  lissa_jade  |  22

I hope your dad brought his wallet then!


Amen! I hate when someone claims to know how to help and just worsens the situation. Even if you have good intentions, I just feel better when you say 'I don't know'... Hopefully he at least chips something in.

  Doritozilla  |  20

I don't know guys. OP just give your dad some credit that he at least tried to help you. Some other parents might not have done the same. Although he did screw up and should help you pay, give him a little credit. :)

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

It's nice he tried to help, but he could have helped by recommending a trusted mechanic or someone he's found reliable, instead of causing more issues with something that could potentially cost a lot.

  michaelaranda  |  28

No man would EVER admit to not knowing something about cars. My friend recked another one of my friends cars because my friend didnt want to admit that he couldnt drive manual.

  \  |  28

I sure hope that isn't a Mercedes-Benz. It will redefine "small fortune"

By  DocBastard  |  38

Jesus Chrysler, what an idiot! Is your father really such a Jeep Olds man that he refuses to pay for auto repairs? Maybe if he pays for a Porscheon of the bill you can Dodge a bullet and not have to eat the whole thing.

  Shrike  |  22

#31 - You must be high or something. That goes for every comment I've seen out of you. "Jeep Olds man" = "cheap old man". Meditate on it for a few seconds. There you go... deep breaths... in and out...

By  empath  |  20

Your father needs to learn that just because he thinks that he should be able to fix a car; most likely due to the pressures of being an older male/father, does not mean that he should blindly attempt to. Had he been more mature and phoned a professional this would have been avoided.
I assume he is also the type that has a ton of projects going on at home as well. Perhaps a plumbing situation he's said he's take care of months ago because he refuses to 'pay some other idiot for something he can do himself for a lot less' or maybe a pile of wood in the garage he refuses to get rid of because he's going to build something some day, or 'you might need it.' I know several fathers like this OP my heart goes out to you and the rest of the house.

By  TheHeavyOne  |  15

A little FYL & a little YDI. Assuming you know your dad at all should have told wether or not he stood a chance of fixing your car, however, he shouldn't have claimed he was able either.