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the thought must've driven you over the edge!

What a hack! He just stole the plot from "Unknown." Was he tired of stealing Robert DeNiro's "Are you talkin' to me?" routine after 20+ years?


the thought must've driven you over the edge!

Everyone knows taxi drivers aren't reallll

He said this in perfect English? clap! clap! clap!

I see what you did there

I'd definitely get goosebumps then tuck and roll.

I MODERATED THIS! Gimme my fckin cookie white people!

LMAO @46's pic Brock Obama = Epic Win

he probably did it on purpose..

#51. learn how to spell.

78- You fail so hard. Learn to comprehend.

wow good one. must have taken a lot of thought

I'd say it was probably driving him crazy to come up with a pun as good as that.

you obviously never played pokemon #51

Pokemon is for losers anyway.

hahahahahahahahahahaha.... "#1"

What the fuck 46! Im the real BO!

I woulda shit myself on the spot and gotten out and waited for another cab to cross the bridge

hey nothin much. just reading these FMLs haha. what about you??

yeah same haha these FMLs are pretty funny huh?

My profile picture is the best I think.

ur hair is badass

oh thanks number 182. I wasn't expecting anyone to notice!

well I did it's pretty sexy

Thank You! I knew I would look sexy with this hair style.

I was talking to kelcey>:D

oh :( well I guess it wasn't worth spending money on this hair style :(... all that time spent working for this :( and all this just to hear you say you think someone hair style is better looking than mine :( ohhh welll... that's life *sigh* (•_•)

lol true but my hairs the best so I win:))

oh my god everybody hates ch, why do you talk to yourself?

it's natural / 1st sign of madness

191 aww I think your picture is really cute! I used to hate cats. until I met one.

hey thanks;D my bangs aren't blue anymore though u_u it's now the under part of my hair.

everybodyhatesch...u on drugs boy..kitty...???

191 I can just imagine you with the frever alone reaction face stapled to your ead.

I am Conholio!! I need more tippy for my bunghole!!

Will some kind mod please nuke this thread? And the please beat the shit out of EverybodyHatesCh while you're at it. I'm too damn tired to do it myself.

wow, winning!

DID U DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I see what you dud right there!;)

that's what I'm saying

no your not lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet he does that on purpose to sketch out his passengers hahaha

swimming lessons finally came in handy

Swimmers shave their pubic hair

well why wouldn't we? we gotta look hot in those tight, one piece suits :)

Is that Chewbacca in your wetsuit?!!

i have tennis balls

Swimmers can also drown lol.

mountain climbers can fall off mountains

^^ Thats a lie! however, bike riders cannot fall of their bikes!!

is not a lie! I climb piles of macaroni and fall off . I'm pretty much considered a mountain climber . dont test me, muscle man -.-

basket ball players can fall off the rim:p

Hhaha who you talking to rabbit lady? Yes, piles if macaroni can be considered as mountains? I guess?

It's BUNNY you son of a......

86 :,) thank you, dear child. 77 how dare you mess up my name, shooty-kneely-gun man. -.- *pours piles of sea salt in 77's eye* that'll teach you.

This FML in a whole is random. Very funny though.

I never fall off mountains of macaroni. Neverrr.

98, I am immune to salt in the eyes. *prepares 10Molar Hydrochloric Acid ready to throw on missrabbit, but decides against it as that wouldn't be very nice.*

marinus -.- you think you're so awesome. with your manly muscles and your gun and dead animal -.- I'll have you know, I am a gangster. don't try me, boy -.- don't you dare.

Lol, missrabbit.

0.0 I said I wouldn't do it! don't come and hurt me!! I am ever so sorry. Feeds missrabbit some carrots ^^

Oh my fiddlesticks!! the name is MissBunny -.- how about I call you mermaid man? how about that -.- and I love carrots :D omnomnomnom

Be careful, marinus. She'll hit you in the face with the bag of homeless puppies she roundhouse kicked earlier.

But missrabbit sounds sooo much better. Mermaid man sounds sexy ;) haha feeds her some old limpy lettuce leaves :D

no. because as a mermaid, you'd have no dick. just a fishtail. since when is that sexy? never -.- however marinus, I'm still full from the carrots. if you'll Excuse me , I must go climb a pile of macaroni. I bid you all goodbye, my loves. *cranks up Dora explorer music*

What the fuck....? I feel like I just heard a conversation from the Future Crack-Heads of America (FCHA).

lmfaoo these people are smoking some heavy stuff

Nah the FCHA chooses to snort Cocaine for a much quicker route to the brain. But these guys.... -.- We don't know what the fuck they are on. Under no circumstances do we encourage you to take the drugs they are... The future of mankind depends on you. Do not dissapoint me.

then OP should have told the cab driver about the time he almost blew up a car in the name of Alah.

What a hack! He just stole the plot from "Unknown." Was he tired of stealing Robert DeNiro's "Are you talkin' to me?" routine after 20+ years?

Umm that wasn't the plot of Unknown specifically. The whole thing was the driver swerving to avoid an accident. Good movie though.

Perdix! Still going strong I see!

Why are you talking to appendixes?

I don't like it when cab drivers try to make conversation with you. I guess his "On Duty" light meant much more than just that. I'd ask to be let out as soon you (safely) cross that bridge. P.S. I hope you opened your window as soon as you heard that, you know, just in case.

You do realize that the cabbie was just messing with OP rite? And I'm pretty sure anyone would go crazy if they went an entire day at work without making conversation

That's scary af! 0_0