By phantomdriver / Thursday 24 March 2011 22:51 / Canada
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oh :( well I guess it wasn't worth spending money on this hair style :(... all that time spent working for this :( and all this just to hear you say you think someone hair style is better looking than mine :( ohhh welll... that's life *sigh* (•_•)

  MissBunny25  |  0

marinus -.- you think you're so awesome. with your manly muscles and your gun and dead animal -.- I'll have you know, I am a gangster. don't try me, boy -.- don't you dare.

  MissBunny25  |  0

no. because as a mermaid, you'd have no dick. just a fishtail. since when is that sexy? never -.-
however marinus, I'm still full from the carrots. if you'll Excuse me , I must go climb a pile of macaroni. I bid you all goodbye, my loves. *cranks up Dora explorer music*


Nah the FCHA chooses to snort Cocaine for a much quicker route to the brain. But these guys.... -.- We don't know what the fuck they are on. Under no circumstances do we encourage you to take the drugs they are... The future of mankind depends on you. Do not dissapoint me.

By  kinga08  |  0

I don't like it when cab drivers try to make conversation with you. I guess his "On Duty" light meant much more than just that. I'd ask to be let out as soon you (safely) cross that bridge.

P.S. I hope you opened your window as soon as you heard that, you know, just in case.

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