By Anonymous - 06/06/2012 12:55 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, my brother, the plumber, was called to unblock a toilet. Whenever this occurs, he takes a photo of it and sends it to me. It always seems to happen around meal time. FML
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You have a shitty brother.

Boys will be boys?


KBear3109 29

Oh that's just gross!

Unless you consider the fact that brother A has to actually clean up that mess

okay I just lost my lunch :P

I'm eating while reading this right now.

KBear3109 29

53- The whole situation is nasty...

You have a shitty brother.

Was that meant to be a joke or accidental? It was funny anyway :D

It was an accident. They just got lucky the FML was shit related.

The nazis are coming, the nazis are coming

Hahaha the shitty brother. Are the photos shitty quality?

Boys will be boys?

And potatos will potato

I thought potatoes potated

sammyjanette 17

That's nasty. - Cleavland voice Take a dump on his bed, and then send him a picture. Maybe he'll stop. Or it could become the ultimate poop wars. It's a toss up really.

OP's butt warriors VS. Brother's brown soldiers! Who will win?

alwaysbored13 14

Get one of these applications that delete the messages on command without you having to look at them

That might not go so well for the other contacts' messages.

who said OP had a smart phone?

Always thinking of you. How sweet.

nofearjenshere 12

Maybe the shit reminds him of OP.

"Hey, that one looks like my brother! Mustache and everything!" *Messages OP* 10 minutes later.... "This one is like a tiny log! Like my bro's dick. Hehehe... *shoots text* lolololozzzzeee..." That would be...interesting, to say the least.

No! No more! That joke wasn't even really funny when it first came around

Sounds like 'your brother the plumber' (that's actually pretty catchy) is trolling you. Just have some Taco Bell, throw in some yummy prunes, then photo bomb him like there's no tommorow!

Stop opening picture messages from him then...

Wow i just noticed your like in every fml commenting thing