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  scrapmetal58  |  9

33 - I remember my CBRN retraining (might be called something different now) when I was in the navy. I had LASIK eye surgery a couple of months prior and let me tell you, unimaginable pain. I had gotten pink eye on both eyes and was healing slowly. We had to walk into the gas chamber about 5 metres without blinking before we were allowed to don our gas masks. I got about half a metre inside before I screamed in pain and covered my eyes. They grabbed me and pulled me outside and poured a bucket of water on my face. My face was burnt from the gas, likely from my tears since it burns moist areas. I can't even describe how painful it was. Then, they made me go back in. I finished this time thanks to the layer of water on my face. I had undergone this training before the surgery and never had an issue. :'(