By Ca13b - 15/10/2011 07:18 - United States

Today, my brother put pepper spray on my toilet paper. FML
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Nikkitaria 9

Put pepper spray in his underwear drawer

Fire in the hole...? :)


Sounds like fun.

I think I'll try that sometime

I guess OP isn't in to that kinda stuff :/

Oh holy mother of God... I remember when I had tear gas training in the navy.... FUCK THAT. OP's butthole must have been swollen and sore forever.

Jennyboo5797 4

#33 or maybe it was her vagina o.O or both...

Georgieeporgiee 9

Nice brother...

33- OP is a guy.

oh man....that sucks....that's gotta be worse than getting Bengay on your privates

His username is Ca13b. I don't know about you, but I don't know too many girls named Caleb.

Damn, I meant to say that to 37.

I'll lick that pepper spray off.

What an ass wipe.

rainydayz133 6

#78 Guess your name is pedo bear with good reason..

well at least your protected from any surprise butt sex in the mean time- this could have been a blessing in disguise

idontcare8l 3

Atleast he didnt put it on your tampons? ( or condoms if not a girl )

33- did you use calculus and lasers to determine how much gas you were exposed to?

OP, replace the contents of his lube with muscle cream. That'll teach him.

33 - I remember my CBRN retraining (might be called something different now) when I was in the navy. I had LASIK eye surgery a couple of months prior and let me tell you, unimaginable pain. I had gotten pink eye on both eyes and was healing slowly. We had to walk into the gas chamber about 5 metres without blinking before we were allowed to don our gas masks. I got about half a metre inside before I screamed in pain and covered my eyes. They grabbed me and pulled me outside and poured a bucket of water on my face. My face was burnt from the gas, likely from my tears since it burns moist areas. I can't even describe how painful it was. Then, they made me go back in. I finished this time thanks to the layer of water on my face. I had undergone this training before the surgery and never had an issue. :'(

Nikkitaria 9

Put pepper spray in his underwear drawer

I'd just put pepper spray in his eyes.

sillyjb 9

Cayenne pepper in the underwear!

I do that when I go on panty raids

Dr Dillion = total fag:|. Nuff said.

When he's asleep, pepper spray his hand because I bet he jerks off at 1:00 a.m.

mduffy08 8

Axe + lighter = good intentions?

AznShadowWc 9

Pepper spray his pillow.

Um no, that's A bit much??

UrLyfSuxx 0

So is pepper spraying toilet paper.

No, fart on his pillow and give him pink eye.

fml8396 0

I laughed when I saw this!!

Streeet_hayley 6


not really, unless he used the toilet paper?

Pretty obvious that he used it. I don't think many people will check toilet paper to see if it's pepper sprayed lol.

I'd love to hear how that turned out.

Dear Lord. I'm cringing just thinking about that.

Georgieeporgiee 9


saIty 17

Watch out for fire coming out of your butt after you let one rip.

Or a fireball that shoots out of OP's mouth. Wait, that'd be pretty badass.

I see what u did thar 74

Did you put salt on his pillow

Nope, in his cup of coffee!

I'm not sure how salting his pillow would do anything, unless u plan on wiping ur ass with the pillow


Can't imagine how bad that would hurt, especially if OP is a girl.

why would op's gender make any difference?

a girl could use the toilet paper to wipe her vagina....thats why there is a difference in genders -_-

105 - I hope if you're a female that you know you have to wipe down there..

*shudders if she doesn't*

stupid text 101: 1=L 3=E. Hence Ca13b = Caleb. How many female "Caleb"s do you know?

Bet that felt really good.... Sorry OP