By oh great - 9/8/2015 15:23 - United Kingdom - Doncaster
Today, my brother let me fly his two day old, expensive drone. Within a minute I had crashed it into a potato field. Four hours of searching and we still haven't found it. FML
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  WitEluded  |  13

Why is this voted up? Metal detectors have a pretty short range. You would see it before you got much of a hit on the detector. I could see this working in a corn field, but not a potato field.

What you really need is another drone with a camera to fly over the area and conduct the search!

By  drc2010  |  13

see what happened was the mother drone called it to the mother ship and you will never get it back because it's no longer on this planet.. aliens got it!!_?

By  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

This shouldn't be an fml it's more like fhl because you obviously didn't take no for an answer and insisted that he let you, i feel sorry for your brother, not you,