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shove a potato in it..

Well that blows.


shove a potato in it..

I think some dish soap would do more damage.

I think grabbing his sax and trying it out on him while he's asleep will do more damage. There's no worse sound than hearing an instrument scream by someone who doesn't know what they're doing...

Just do what sandy did to Patrick, the instruments are similar enough

By any chance was it at 2am?

screw the potato shove some shit in it

Did he also have a camcorder?

Did he at least try to do epic sax man?

I think you should just hit him in his... sax.

Doing that would only muffle the low notes. Which would leave the high ones. Which are way more annoying.

Well that blows.

At least he wasn't blowing OP.

6- Seriously? Go home, you're drunk.

Sorry about that, a little bit too random and uncalled for.

"I don't normally make a drunk comment, but when I do, I make it from the safety of my home"

As I look at all my Yeungling bottles, it takes one to know one.

26 - Apology accepted. But only because you mentioned Yeungling :)

Just remember, vengeance will be sweet. Start planning!

Red Forman says "break your boot in by sticking it up your siblings ass."

That's how all musicians break in an instrument. It's the new thing

It's the best way to break it in. I did it with my piccolo.

I remember I wanted to learn to play sax because of Lisa Simpson x)

I think that's a great way.. he was sharing his love and talent with you

Who doesn't like ear sax?

At least it's not a recorder

A recorder would be MUCH better than a saxophone!!

Have you ever heard what a recorder sounds like?

spluver yes from the sixth grade and if you had to get noise played close to your ears they are better than saxes by comparison.

Well if there's one thing I've learned it's that he'll grow out of practicing, all saxophones do.

This is a good reason for you to start learning to play the bag pipes.

Help him break it in by shoving it up his ass.

Now there's a good idea. "Show me how you play it now!"

make him learn careless whisper

One problem, us sax players love playing it to drive everyone else nuts.

The directors banned it at my school.