By Anonymous - United States
Today, my brother came out on Facebook, with a message including the words "I got nothing against gays. Except my dick!" I replied "Eww!" My second comment, "Eww because of the analogy, lol." disappeared among a load of replies tearing me apart for being a homophobe. FML
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  teentee401  |  36

Also the biggest problem here is that OP's first reaction was to say eww to the brother coming out, even if he was commenting on the analogy. It takes a lot of courage to come out, and I'd be put off if one of the first comments on my coming out post was "Ewwww," especially from family.

By  Mathalamus  |  24

I would just have ignored the whole thing. I don't treat it as a big deal, because it doesn't change anything, nor does it mean anything to other people, nor should it. It should have remained private.

After all, it isn't anyone's concern. At all.

  Tripartita  |  44

It is a big deal; something that used to get you burned alive or beaten up routinely is now being defended online en masse. It's awesome.

Yes, there are instances like this in which the support backfires, but the OP can still set things strai—erm, correct and only had to worry about a few bytes on a Facebook server instead of flames at her feet.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Yes, it would be nice if straight people realized that us non-straights would LOVE to not have to come out.

As though we love the the fact that we still have to make a public statement and face ridicule/homophobes, instead of the other option of people flipping shit if we don't follow their "perfect idea" of us.


You know, I'm REALLY sick of people acting like gay people just "shouldn't make a big deal about it." My best friend is gay and she tried to just bring a girl home and say it was her girlfriend. Her family acted like she was joking and welcomed her girlfriend as her friend, not her significant other. It wasn't until she said "Hey, I'm a lesbian" that anyone took her seriously. So take your "it should have remained private" and shove it up your ass, because if someone wants the world to know they are gay, that's THEIR choice.

  catherinecas  |  30

The presumed norm is heterosexual until stated otherwise. I'm uncomfortable being confronted with all of these heterosexuals all the time! Why isn't that bullshit private?
I think it's terrible that everytime my sexuality is brought up there is some guy telling me that I haven't found the right magical dick to cure me of liking vagina. That there's always some guy telling that he'd love a threesome. Or a girl saying she can't be with me because I like men too. Or the guy getting too close trying to teach me to like boys more.

Those goddam thoughts are NEVER kept quiet. So, it is very important when anyone comes out. Honestly, Straight People need to get over themselves.

By  _EnderDoge  |  22

YDI, in my opinion. I can relate to having people misunderstand me on the Internet, but you have to learn to be specific, especially with sensitive matters such as this.

By  Setareh23  |  34

Homophobes don't usually put a simple "ew" online, but rather a whole long comment about unnatural/sin/etc and some really cruel insults. Honestly, I'd have assumed you'd said ew as a friendly joke between siblings, or because you don't like to think of your bro's dick or whatever. Maybe you should have been more careful, but it still sucks that you were so misunderstood. Just have your bro clear it up for you...coming from him, there could be no doubt that you support him.

  Setareh23  |  34

A post written by a stranger, or a post written by family/friends on a forum where everyone knows their true identity? I get that people can be simple asshats on anonymous websites but in my experience, when a bigot is aware that everyone reading his comments knows who he is (and where he lives), he tends to feel the need to "defend" and "prove/explain" his POV. But then again, I don't know everyone in the world, so you're probably right. In any case though, I still would've assumed it was a joke, because that just seems much more likely to me than the alternative.