By beavis - United States
Today, my brother and I were standing at the baggage claim, waiting for our luggage to come out. We were commenting on all the bags that appeared, and when two large hiking packs came out I exclaimed "What kind of cunts go backpacking in New York?" The old couple standing next to us, apparently. FML
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  Groucho_fml  |  5

181- you really don't defend people from new jersey when you respond like that, yknow. With such an unjustified hostility displayed, people are bound to think new jersey folk are uneducated twits

  Arch27  |  27

Around NYC, the Poconos. The rest of NYS: Appalachian Trail, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, Shawanagunk... just to name a few. Resorts in the Catskills were very popular in the 1950's.

  Torien  |  2

Why do you Americans get such bizarre names for your countryside when us Brits are numbered with 'The fens' and 'the Malverns' and 'The Forest of Dean'

By  thumbelina  |  0

Those senior citizens are much cooler than you for being adventurous than you are being a snobby, rude bitch judging people by their luggage. Clearly you life is already fucked.

By  1221121  |  0

Haha it isn't really an FML if they didn't do anything to you... Maybe they only had hiking bags to bring with them for a city trip, like they didn't have regular suitcases. Or maybe they were headed upstate (or..Long Island for an easy hike...) to go camping or something.

By  chimmy  |  0

Better question... what kind of person uses the word "cunt" to describe unobtrusive, everyday occurrences? Why would you say that, KNOWING its owner was nearby? (And what did it matter to you anyways?) YDI

By  Mwoehaha  |  0

Well, I'm sure you had just loads of fun without meaning wat you said. Thus said, just wash your mouth with soap for insulting people with ugly words. Only joking, say excusez-moi and God will forgive you if you mean it.