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Apparently people think tumblr is an accurate source for information on mental disorders as well, because I have been in the same shoes as OP, except it was friends telling me I don't have anxiety/depression because I don't act the same as the people on tumblr do.


It's even dumber than that, because doesn't bipolar disorder have a spectrum? The tv show very well could have done it's research, but this guy doesn't realize everything fits in the same POV as the show

  xnemesis1981  |  15

There's no consequence on TV. In reality people with bipolar try not to be so bipolar. On TV they sensationalise it for the viewers. I have bipolar but nowhere near as awesome as Claire Danes does on Homeland lol

By  nominaski  |  25

I'm sorry that he doesn't believe that you, a real person, have the disorder while the girl, a character from a show, is 'legitimate' according to him. FYL

By  tonyfan00  |  38

Of course he's right!
After all, I'm a qualified doctor, as I've seen every episode of House and ER...twice!

(I'm making a damn joke, before you idiots start firing nukes at me...)

By  fakedsincerity  |  32

Ugh medias view of bipolar makes me so mad as someone with it. TV shows tend to show bipolar girls as "manic pixie dream girls" and that's so inaccurate for most people, they miss out the bad parts, the mood swings etc. and don't even mention the various types.

Not to mention shows like Homeland which do the exact opposite and *only* show the bad (don't even get me started on the lack of male representation...).

Don't worry OP, you know the truth.
Stigma around our condition is a bitch but you're awesome for fighting and fuck his opinion.

  allforfun  |  23

It drives me crazy (no pun intended) when some wack job goes on a rampage, shooting etc and the media always mentions they were bipolar/mentally ill. The vast majority of us hold jobs and blend in with society and you'd never know we have it. I tend to manage life quite well 99% of the time and have never been arrested or acted out in some bizarre way.

  fakedsincerity  |  32

People with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of violence or abuse rather than perpetrate it but of course the media usually shows it the other way around because it's easier to blame a mentally ill scapegoat than maybe think "normal" people are fucked up.

No, I'm not bitter. lol.